Tuesday, September 29

Being Change

Before doing, there is seeing. Before speaking, there is being.

The world of form, the manifested world of outcomes, is responsive to the distance you travel within your own being. The circumstances you create in and as your world are only temporary patterns. What appears right now, isn't "what is". It is a transient fleeting manifestation. See these appearances differently, think differently about them, and they mirror this inward change.

Nothing is as it appears to be in this instant. For as long as you take what appears to be "just the way things are," you keep the transient manifestation in place. For as long as you take the discourse of the times to be "this is just the way it is," you keep the temporary manifestation in place. You are always the change you bring to the table. You are always the perception you contribute to this time-space reality. If your perception is the same as everyone else, then through whom will change come? Through whom will solutions appear? If you see what everyone else is seeing, then through whom will a new world birth itself?

Think differently. See differently. And you'll be the change you wish to see.

In Love,


Hannah said...

what do you do on those days that you feel bummed out?
i love this attitude and try to have it all the time, but sometimes it can be difficult. any advice?

inherview said...

hi love!

Every feeling you experience is a build-up of thoughts - you are in the constant company of your thoughts, and because these thoughts go unchecked, the balance of your energy dips and you have those experiences of feeling "low".

So one of the things to do is to make it a daily point to manage your mind-space. Just like you look after your physical needs on a daily basis, it's important to look after your psychic-emotional needs on a daily basis. Take a moment each day, at the beginning and end, to "air" out your head. Write out the junk (I used to call mine the "gunk log") and re-focus your mind in the direction you want it to go. In addition tuning out of the negative thought-currents, you consciously refocus your mind to tune into positive thoughts - thoughts about what you love about your moment, thoughts about what you're happy to have in your life, and so on.

Any negative emotion is never just an emotion, it is indicating to you the balance of your thoughts...in those moments, your body is telling you that there is a build up of negative focus - a build up of thoughts that you physically feel as "low". So these "low" moments are a reminder to tune into your internal environment and do a little bit of cleaning. Ask yourself "what's at the root of this feeling?" "What am I wanting right now that I feel I'm lacking" - take yourself into a space of inquiry and you'll find yourself finding the reason. And if it's difficult to settle the mind in these instances, do some breathing/yoga/meditation etc. to center yourself, to come back into the present moment, from this space of just being in your moment unattached to the energy, you can choose to remain still or consciously directing your attention toward what it is that you do have, what it is that you're grateful for, the possibilities before you, and so on. It's about where you want to go from here, from whatever moment you're finding or looking for relief.

Be gentle with yourself. You can gently lift your self out of any "low" feeling.

Let me know if you want specifics - you know my email ;-)

love from gate 34g,

Hannah said...

wow, great answer! :)
thanks a lot. I am going to bookmark this and reread it the next time I am feeling down.

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