Tuesday, September 15

All My Boyfriends

It's true, all my boyfriends over the past few years have been of the invisible kind. The deep poets and mystics of timelines other than mine. I preferred their company, falling prey to the seductive scents that seep through their words. It moved me in ways no man on this plane did. I laid with them. I breathed them. I consumed them. And I let them consume me. All because they speak in a manner of speaking that leaves me bare...and exposed.

But I miss kissing actual lips. How long am I going to keep up this celibate life of a wandering mystic?

Maybe one of them will incarnate into the physical so I can make babies by day and fall to the arrow of his words by night. Maybe he'll be forceful enough to keep and hold my attention. Oh maybe, just maybe, he's already on his way to piercing my heart.

And maybe, just maybe, I too am a Magi's brilliant trick.


Your Divine Hallucination

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