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Being Change

Before doing, there is seeing. Before speaking, there is being.

The world of form, the manifested world of outcomes, is responsive to the distance you travel within your own being. The circumstances you create in and as your world are only temporary patterns. What appears right now, isn't "what is". It is a transient fleeting manifestation. See these appearances differently, think differently about them, and they mirror this inward change.

Nothing is as it appears to be in this instant. For as long as you take what appears to be "just the way things are," you keep the transient manifestation in place. For as long as you take the discourse of the times to be "this is just the way it is," you keep the temporary manifestation in place. You are always the change you bring to the table. You are always the perception you contribute to this time-space reality. If your perception is the same as everyone else, then through whom will change come? Through whom wil…

The Writing's On The Ground

I am blessed in Love. These past scenes of goodbyes and road tripping have been overflowing with love in beautiful and miraculous ways.

Love flows in and as everything in view.

There are moments that I look up to confront a face only to see it aglow, lit up by a surreal type of golden light that bathes and encases the beautiful being before me. Human beings have ceased looking ordinary to me. We're not "only human".

Who told you that you were anything less than magnificent and beautiful? Who made you believe that you are "just human" or "only human"? What does that even mean?

We are each something our senses cannot yet comprehend, and our conditioned mind distorts, but our own Being reveals All when we open into That which we really are.

Love is not a word or an energy you look to receive from something outside of you. Love is and will always be an unconditional offering that first flows through you. You choose your state of being in this one and only inst…

In The Not Too Distant Time Ahead...

There is a way to get it done, without leaving your bed.

Let me introduce you to the Wheel Of Fortune.

You can divide the sections in any way that suits you. For instance, you can do:

Work / Relationships / Health / Leisure

Or whatever floats your fancy!

Use affirmations and affirm to yourself that the Universe/Divine Intelligence or even your subconscious/superconscious mind (whatever paradigm you subscribe to) is on it.

Be creative, use colors, use images. This process is a little more involved than a typical Vision Board that just passively hangs out on your wall. Take some minutes every day (yes, every day), in the morning or before sleep (or both), to feed your mind the images and descriptions that you wholeheartedly want to experience. Your mind is creating images all throughout your day. It is projecting and recollecting events, conversations, and pulling off all sorts of shenanigans all day long. This is your way to tame that mind and direct your energy in the direction of you…

My Light House

There are times I forget my name
I forget my face and heart altogether
Still you find me then
Shining brightly and gently
letting me rest In Love again
You are my light house
In the distant shores
Everything you are
Is what my heart adores
You are the sounds and melodies
Of cool nights and summer days
You are the inexplicable reason
Of why I am
The way I am
You are my light house
The formless wonder
The miracle of my life

Choose Better

I Am Guided

People have been exclaiming to me lately how the Universe really does seem to conspire in my life. It does in all lives but the visibility of it in mine keeps me even more steady and sturdy in my movements.

I go about my days thinking I know what I'm going to do, what steps I'm going to take. This is the way of the "expert" mind we all don. We all believe we know the best routes to get from point A to point B. But really, we only know the routes we know, known paths that have been taken before, we know the past, not the routes that may be even better for us than what we imagine.

So I'm going about my packing getting ready to ship out my three to four boxes of stuff. Then the first suggestion finds me via Sally, the laser hair lady everyone in Ottawa should go see:

1) She says: I shipped 6 boxes to my kids in Vancouver (yes, her kids just so happened to be in Vancouver) through greyhound parcel, you should really send your stuff through them, it's much cheaper.

I …

What A Silly Hologram

The conditioned outlook is a funny funny unfolding to witness.

It says: "You have to change who you are for me to be happy. You have to be other than you are, for me to feel full and whole and satisfied in my experience."
It says: "my happiness is YOUR responsibility."
It says: "my happiness is in YOUR hands."

Every thought that puts YOUR happiness in the hands of some perceived "other", a him, a her, a they, a that, "outside" of you, is misplacing ALL your innate power of being. You are giving your own power away each time you look to an apparent "other" to stand on their head just so that you can be happy, just so you can feel at ease about who you are and what this moment is for you.

This conditioned outlook argues incessantly and continuously for why this "other" person has to change and all the ways they have to change. It will go to lengths to make its point. Compromise. Argue. Defend. Attack.

"You're ruini…

All My Boyfriends

It's true, all my boyfriends over the past few years have been of the invisible kind. The deep poets and mystics of timelines other than mine. I preferred their company, falling prey to the seductive scents that seep through their words. It moved me in ways no man on this plane did. I laid with them. I breathed them. I consumed them. And I let them consume me. All because they speak in a manner of speaking that leaves me bare...and exposed.

But I miss kissing actual lips. How long am I going to keep up this celibate life of a wandering mystic?

Maybe one of them will incarnate into the physical so I can make babies by day and fall to the arrow of his words by night. Maybe he'll be forceful enough to keep and hold my attention. Oh maybe, just maybe, he's already on his way to piercing my heart.

And maybe, just maybe, I too am a Magi's brilliant trick.


Your Divine Hallucination

Here It Comes

I can always feel it when change is in the air. The energy around me and within me changes. A slight shift. A subtle stirring that comes right before something appears either within me or in front of me to shake my world up like a little snow globe. I know this feeling. I have had it each time I was moved in some way to shift the path I'm on. Right before I decided to move to a different city to go to graduate school. Right before I decided to drop out of graduate school. Right before I got my dog Leela. Right before I decided to leave my job. Right before events conspired to give me the push I needed to go out to the west-coast. This stirring comes. It says "there's going to be a change".

It's like we're all built to feel the coming energies and shifts, just like animals can sense a weather change or feel when it's time to move this way or that way. We can feel the tides of our own transition points, for everything in life is connected. A decision that af…

Dare To Believe

We tend to assume that there is one world "out there" outside of us. That we are observing an outside world unfolding, becoming, shifting, transforming, external to where we are and what we are. But there really is only the world we agree upon, the consensus reality we create. There really is only the world we say exists. There are many people who still allow outside information to tell them what the world is, what the state of this world is, what's happening, where it will go and how it will unfold. Most people have given away their power to create the world they'd like to experience. Most people are allowing a selected group of individuals to determine not only what they're going to experience in their economic reality, but what they will experience in their own physical body. All the while they have given their integral power away to allow someone "out there" to decide the shape of their own destiny and path. You cannot feel like you live in a secure…

It's Go TIME

The part I remember CLEARLY is the part where you fall out of the plane and flip so that as you do your eyes catch the belly of the plane flying over you. That part went in slow motion for me. That part is when I realized just how many amazing possibilities there are if you'd just trust and take that step. 10,000 feet felt like magic. Leaping felt more like gliding, sitting back and enjoying swaying to the left and swaying to the right feeling nothing but ease and wonder. I got to spend the day with some of the most amazing beings within my reach. Sky divers are magic!

Sky High,

Love In Total Fusion

Like a Light House
in the distant horizon we stand
One opening to Love
One Song as Two Hearts

I reside in You
You reside in Me
- Kidest M.

Where does the concept of the one true and exact match, the divine unit, the true tonal mate, the twin flame (the blah blah blah) come from? As the scenes pass on, this information has been streaming to me, trying to catch my attention in ever expanding detail. Thank you. I appreciate much of it, and discard the one's based on a dualistic explanation of what relationships are. The illusion of two-ness, of a you and an-other uniting is yet another distortion of dualistic perception, in MY view. But this morning an article found me that's a little more at my speed (despite the Judeo-Christian semantics).

What do I know? What's my speed? That point of fusion with ALL of Life, the true Yoga, the Union births the recognition that the appearance of an-other is a total illusion. It is YOU in that body you perceive belonging to an-other. …

Forever One

You wear your soul as your skin
Bright and beautiful
True and desiring
And I am aspiring
To what we are

One moment in Eternity
One Universe
Enacting the play of the Gods

Skin to skin and palm to palm
We have always been One

You Deserve

You deserve to feel love just because you exist.
You deserve to feel appreciated just for who you are.
You deserve to feel taken care of and provided for.
You deserve to feel completely adored by Life itself.
You deserve to feel like you are valuable.
You deserve to feel like you matter.
You deserve to feel like your existence IS your contribution to this world.
You deserve to feel miraculous.
You deserve to feel magical.
You deserve to feel magnificent.
You deserve to feel that you are worth the entire Universe.
You deserve to feel like the entire Universe will do anything for you.
You deserve to feel like you have power in your life.
You deserve to feel like you are seen and noticed.
You deserve to feel like you have help you can count on.
You deserve to feel relief.
You deserve to feel like everything's okay and will be okay.
You deserve to enjoy being alive in this world.
You deserve to feel spoiled by Life.
You deserve to feel totally fulfilled and satisfied.
You deserve to feel like your worth …

True Compassion

Def'n of Compassion: "Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it."

TRUE compassion is actually seeing through the veil of suffering into WHO this apparent sufferer REALLY is. See through the mask and that sight alone will pierce through the illusion of suffering, and the illusion of the sufferer.

That which appears to suffer and That which relieves the suffering is really One and the same No-Thing.

What lens you look through will always determine who you see. The light that transforms is the Light that knows there is nothing to transform.

I see You.