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A Suitcase of Happiness

I've been moving my blog around a bit, organizing:


Back from the love-fest with the cats. What time is it? It's time to get hit with multiple shots of happiness. I have no idea what's 'causing this right now nor did I expect to experience it in this house. It's as though some invisible angel of happiness is making me her object for target practice. Pow POW poW and I'm curled up with the giggles. Like I said, I don't question my crazy. I'm just thankful for the happy energy!

In two days time I'll be boarding an airbus that will swiftly plop me down into my cousin's arms. 19 years of not having seen each other promises that the hugs will be that much more delicious. Apparently this is the year to visit family I haven't seen since leaving Ethiopia at the naive age of 10. It's been awesome.

Then I'm off to San Diego to play with energy. That's all I can call it at this point. And I'm hoping along the way I'll be adopted by a sun kissing wizard or grow fins and gills to live my life under the sea. What? A girl has dreams. Sweet dreams.

I'm mostly packed and ready to go. My travel companions: instant oatmeal, chia seeds, and my chosen sea-weed variety of super foods, make my travels easy in so many different ways. I recommend them for anyone really, but more so for those who don't eat animal parts and extracts. Me and sea-weed have been friends for years. It started when I got introduced to toasted seaweed sides at my friend's Korean restaurant. I used to eat them like chips. Later, I discovered the goodness of Spirulina and added it to my sea vegetable loving regiment. And after that came a combination of sea vegetables that I can sprinkle in just about anything. My body thrives on all foods, but since I've trained myself out of eating meats and such for well over three years, I am immensely grateful for how my travel companions keep me energized.

The beauty of this life is that coming back promises me more adventure. I'm ready to leave, to fly out this current self-created hologram and onto bigger and brighter fields. I like to believe I have a vision of what these fields are but I'm open to and ready for guidance. I'm asking myself to be patient. And I'm telling myself whatever step feels best will be right. Even now, while I go off on my two weeks of loving and playing, the entire Universe is hard at work conspiring and aligning the best possible scenarios for me and the next step of my evolution. It's really good.

I know what my dreams are. I'm dreaming of growth and possibilities. I'm dreaming of Cafe Gratitude. I'm dreaming of the West Coast. I'm dreaming of loving. I'm dreaming of playing. I'm dreaming of continuing to do those things I love and feel passionate about, things like reminding the ready mind where we are, what all this is, and just how generous this life is. I'm so utterly inspired. I'm excited. I'm totally open. And on top of all of that, I know that all my dreams are what they really are. They are Love in beautiful shapes and colors ready and waiting for me to take them in, to experience them, to use them to step into all that I am.


In the meantime, my senses will be busy taking in the beauty of a six month old baby and the Ocean that waits to remind me of all the reasons I dream of it. Often.

Life is gorgeous today! This gorgeousness is You.

in Luvah-Love,
Kidest OM


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