Saturday, August 8

Reaching Through Time

Sometimes it feels like we've already had all our conversations in some other realm. A realm that translates itself as a single lifetime in this world. That it is these conversations between us that write themselves as the scenes of our past, our present, and our irresistible future in this place of dreams and magic.

I lay awake to look at scenes I assure myself are the past, only to recognize these scenes came to be because of where we are Now and where we will be tomorrow. That even this moment, or last night, or these words and the words to come, are all coming through because of the conversations we've already had in this some-else-where that rests beyond this world we see. I know you there. You know me there. Intimately. We know everything about each other, about everything. All the secrets we think we hold now, There lay out in the open as laughing matters between us.

But here that Knowing, that intimate Knowledge of one another, turns itself into a mystery. The mystery of this you and me. We look at each other here as though we've never known one another. We speak to one another here as though it's our first time speaking, meeting, loving.

Yet We speak to each other from this Place too. We etch our conversations on the ground. We leave notes to one another in some grand and beautiful way. All saying, all asking, all telling this you and I the obvious mystery of our fate. Sometimes I can see the future so clearly, so vividly, that I'm certain of all that's inevitable.

Am I looking at the future in this instant or is it the future that's looking at me?

And sometimes I look back to scenes past and realize that we were locked up as we are back then too. That You spoke to me back then just as You speak to me now, just as You're reaching back to speak to me from times and scenes to come.

I can't help but wonder...that it is really our end that has written itself as our beginning, our outcome that has turned itself into the Cause of you and I.

I'm in the middle of something quite beautiful. This beauty is You.

in Love,

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