Friday, August 7

Leap Like It's 1999

Yeah this new dimension of Freshness is thinning the wordplay at the moment. Let me just say I love this Space right Here today. My heart's been doing all sorts of funny spasms over the past three days. I went to sleep after a "Good day sunlight" phone call a few nights ago and felt an unprecedented kind of bliss explode in my heart center. Hard to describe how high I've been ever since. I've never had a goodnight Kiss quite like that before. And no, it's not drugs, it's just this world of magic and fairytale!

Taking care of two cats is its own kind of magic. Mostly because they don't look for the same amount of attention that my dog does. These guys want to be loved on their own terms, when they feel like it, and not because I just happen to be walking by. I'm kind of in love with their easy laid back style of loving. And the grace with which they LEAP themselves onto my lap and any place three feet and over. They're gorgeous in every way. Even when they wake me up from sleep with their "I can purr really loud into your ear without even opening my mouth" trick.

Between cat play and naps, the internet and I have been busy WOW-ing one another. My friends told me my high school yearbooks are all some how on the internet now. Curiously I went to look and found my graduation photo and message. The year is 1999 and my eyes look as though I'm about ready for a nap. And what's amazing to me isn't the amount of characters I squeezed into my message back then (apparently I've always been the wordy type). It's that the message of 1999 sounds a lot like the message of today. So I will just repeat the last lines of my grad write-up:

"Living life in the present is more important than what be in the past. So welcome the new dawn and retire the old, then say, Hello World - Here I Am. One Luv to All...The KID is out"

Hello World, Here I Am...Now.

This Kid is Out!

Peace & Cats,

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