Sunday, August 2

Joy & Pain

I can't take pictures with the flash on (what happens to my eyes will scare you) but I wanted to show you that I'm as good as new.

I'm also absolutely convinced that pain is really only 1% physical and 99% psychological. Oddly enough, the active mental story or thought stream generates more grief and discomfort than any actual valid physical reason. True story.

It's a story that makes me question how physical we and all our experiences really are. The fact that our mental activity, our active story or dominant pattern of thought in any given moment weighs more in its effect on our experience than an actual physical event and the effects of the physical event, REALLY drives the point home. Our reality is only as big as our thoughts make it out to be. Our reality, no matter what our physical condition, is really only thought deep. What you feel has so much more to do with the story you're telling in your mind than it does with the physical sensations of this beautiful experience.

Point being, pay attention to the thought rampage your mind goes on. And see if there is any validity to it, see if what your mind is going on about has anything to do with what's actually taking place in and around you in this immediate instant. Ask yourself "is this happening right now?" And if it is, is your mind soothing you or adding to the discomfort. Our mind can be our best ally when we start paying attention, tuning in.

Some of the lovelies around me look at me a little bit curiously. No, I haven't yet told them that I'm half robot and therefore indestructible - a regular rock of Gibraltar, something I'd been called before but only now bothered to look up. It's gorgeous AND populated by Barbary Macaque??? I giggle. I'm also the poster child for joy-junkies across the multi-verse. My kind are joy-seeking beings who will mine anything in their view to find whatever grain or meteor of joy they can find in any given moment. Those two facts alone combined seem to make me a creature of unexpected feats. It's pretty awesome.

I've never been more eager for what's up and coming than I am now. I'm for the first time experiencing what living on my own looks like as I house-sit for the next week. And it's AMAZING! I've only lived with family or with a roommate. And it's a completely different experience when it's just you and you alone. Moral of the story being, I LOVE IT!!!

Remind yourself this: Life does not give you obstacles to overcome. Life gives you opportunities to show to yourself everything you're capable of becoming.

I Am Capable. How 'bout you?

In Joy,

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