Monday, August 10

"If only you would take a vacation from this thing you have created"

I laugh right now and shake my head only because it's ALWAYS so obvious. And that this obviousness maybe the reason why it's missed. You can't separate one self-created illusion from another. You can't look about you and say "this is real while that over there is just an illusion". You can't look around in your mind, in your lens of perception and say, "that over there is real while this one is just a story I'm telling." You can't look about you and say "I created this but not that over there".

If you believe that some current experience is REAL then it gives the experience more power to stay, to continue to write itself into your storyline. It insists on being a guest for as long as you give it the power of reality. What you deem to be real, stays. What you deem to be illusory, a transient play of lights, takes a bow and makes its exist. Whatever belief system you subscribe to is self-reinforcing. It is self-perpetuating. It proves itself to you. It proves its realness to you by materializing as more events and more experiences to validate its existence in your life.

These past scenes, aspects of my experience have been writing themselves out of my mind. My definition of family, my definition of the past, my definition of where I've come from, all of it is unthreading itself string by string. It's amazing to expand my focus and see these stories. AMAZING. All the shared hallucinations are failing to be believable as I once again see in this angle that my point of power is Now.

The past isn't something already created and finished. The past is something you're creating Now, a story you're generating and empowering in this immediate instant, a story you're sharing and agreeing upon with other's around you. And at any point of your choosing, you can decide to withdraw your power and focus from these stories. When you do, it's because you have realized that they no longer serve you in any way.

So I start laughing with my suitcase to the right plopped open on my desk, while the words of this blog title stream across my head.

If only I would take a vacation from this thing I have created?

Done and done.

What story are you insisting stay on your screen of experience? What are you ready to let go of?

in Love,
Kidest OM

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