Sunday, August 30

"Go West, Life is Peaceful There"

I have three songs on loop in my mind and predict they'll be on repeat all month long.

The Packing song.
The Selling-stuff song.
The Throwing-stuff-out song.

My mom asked "are you still decided about moving out west?" I had to hold back the flurry of protest that was surfacing over the question and only let out a rather strong "YES."

The truth is, I've already moved out West. I'm just waiting for my body to drag itself over there so we can physically begin to play out what's been playing out inside of me for quite some time.

Kijiji, the neater and IMO prettier mate of craigslist, is turning out to be the bestfriend I've always wanted. Now if only I can pop myself into the alternate reality where Leela doesn't spazz out at the door every time someone comes to pick up an item...

in the West,

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