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"Go West, Life is Peaceful There"

I have three songs on loop in my mind and predict they'll be on repeat all month long.

The Packing song.
The Selling-stuff song.
The Throwing-stuff-out song.

My mom asked "are you still decided about moving out west?" I had to hold back the flurry of protest that was surfacing over the question and only let out a rather strong "YES."

The truth is, I've already moved out West. I'm just waiting for my body to drag itself over there so we can physically begin to play out what's been playing out inside of me for quite some time.

Kijiji, the neater and IMO prettier mate of craigslist, is turning out to be the bestfriend I've always wanted. Now if only I can pop myself into the alternate reality where Leela doesn't spazz out at the door every time someone comes to pick up an item...

in the West,

When LOVE Conspires


The necessities for sun-kissing & ocean-loving types of travel:

One of the coolest NEW experiences thanks to Chicago's O'Hare Airport:

Some of my journal entries from this trip went something like:

Starbucks. Ocean. Nap. Pool. 4 laps. Hot tub. Pool. 2 laps. Hot tub. Room. Food. Read. Sleep.

And other's say:
Tom's been to Ottawa!?!My friend got a free salad with her meal, just 'cause she's magic!I got two cans of Fanta for the price of one from the vending machine, just 'cause I'm Fanta-stic.

There's a street called Daffodil??? (*insert giggle fit here*) [Daffodil happens to be my screen-name on a forum and is a repeating magical wink I get from the universe] Getting Ziggy with it - another anthem is discovered: True To Myself True To Myself
Ziggy Marley

Life has come a long way since yesterday I say
and its not the same old thing over again I say
just do what you feel and don't you fool yourself I say
cause I can't make you happy unl…

Snapshots of Magic

Written on the ground:

Maya (Sanskritमायाmāyāa[›]), has multiple meanings, and refers to concepts of "illusion" in Hinduism and Sikhism. Maya, is the principal concept which manifests, perpetuates and governs the illusion and dream of duality in the phenomenal Universe. For some mystics this manifestation is real, but it is a fleeting reality; it is a mistake, although a natural one, to believe that Maya represents a fundamental reality or Truth. [1] Each person, each physical object, from the perspective of eternity is like a brief, disturbed drop of water from an unbounded ocean. The goal of enlightenment is to understand this — more precisely, to experience this: to see intuitively that the distinction between the self and the Universe is a falsedichotomy. The distinction between consciousness and physical matter, between mind and body (refer bodymind), is the result of an unenlightened perspective.

Thanks for the reminder!

Australia. Costa Rica. Canada. USA.


I did …


On my hotel room lamp is twice written:

That this room just happens to be the one I'm in...I don't for a moment believe in accidents. I have A FEW anthems right now and this is one of them.

Love is My Religion:

All my days I've been searching,
to find out what this life is worth
through the books and bibles of time
I've made up my mind
I don't condemn, I don't convert,
this is a calling have you heard
bring all the lovers to the fold,
cause no one is gonna lose their soul

Love is my religion, Love is my religion, Love is my religion
hey you can take it or leave it, and you don't have to believe it

I don't want to fight, hey let's go fly a kite
there's nothing that we can't cure, and I'll keep you in my arms for sure
so don't let nobody stop us, free spirits have to soar
with you I share the gift, the gift that we now know oh oh oh

Well I'm done searching now, I found out what this life is worth
not in the books that I find, but by searching my min…

Giving IntoThe Magic

Even the airlines call me KID


Every body of water gives me amazing feelings. The gift of water never ends.

My Minnesota Monkey Man - he is a stream of unending happiness. I'm totally in LOVE. And I want one!

University of Love. 1982.

"I remember kickin' it with you
Back in 1982..."

I call it magic.

LOVE Inspires ME.

all ways,


I invite the breezes and they come.
I ask the rain to stop and it stops.
I ask for sunshine and the sun happily obliges.

I look at my story and laugh.

Now how about turning this water into orange juice?

I Am the Universe I generate. In every way.

Magically Yours,
the Misses

"If only you would take a vacation from this thing you have created"

I laugh right now and shake my head only because it's ALWAYS so obvious. And that this obviousness maybe the reason why it's missed. You can't separate one self-created illusion from another. You can't look about you and say "this is real while that over there is just an illusion". You can't look around in your mind, in your lens of perception and say, "that over there is real while this one is just a story I'm telling." You can't look about you and say "I created this but not that over there".

If you believe that some current experience is REAL then it gives the experience more power to stay, to continue to write itself into your storyline. It insists on being a guest for as long as you give it the power of reality. What you deem to be real, stays. What you deem to be illusory, a transient play of lights, takes a bow and makes its exist. Whatever belief system you subscribe to is self-reinforcing. It is self-perpetuating. It pr…

Nothing's Left Unsaid

she stands bare and exposed
in the wilderness of human delusion
a still voice
a subtle vision
of a power so eloquently hidden
she is a face
of that eternal invitation
and she's calling him on home

oh darling, come on home

she can shift her shape
to slip into his skin
marry herself
to all the spaces within
she can collapse
all that he thinks has ever been

she is a ray of ripened love
haunting his lightened moments
with the grace of a humming bird
as a vision of a heart stirred

she is the groan of a mighty thunder
and the pleasure upon his tongue
she is the vortex of his sanity
unmasking his vulnerability
to reveal the fire
of that Giant within
and the more he takes her in
the more they spin
blissfully on and on

oh darling, we'll be going on and on

she calls to his silence
as an echo of True Love
ready to tell a story
to this world
made of silent lights,
and spacious hearts.

she'll leave nothing unsaid
as she cements herself,
into the center of love

he listens in the nights
as she stands bare and exposed
in the wi…

A Suitcase of Happiness

I've been moving my blog around a bit, organizing:


Back from the love-fest with the cats. What time is it? It's time to get hit with multiple shots of happiness. I have no idea what's 'causing this right now nor did I expect to experience it in this house. It's as though some invisible angel of happiness is making me her object for target practice. Pow POW poW and I'm curled up with the giggles. Like I said, I don't question my crazy. I'm just thankful for the happy energy!

In two days time I'll be boarding an airbus that will swiftly plop me down into my cousin's arms. 19 years of not having seen each other promises that the hugs will be that much more delicious. Apparently this is the year to visit family I haven't seen since leaving Ethiopia at the naive age of 10. It's been awesome.

Then I'm off to San Diego to play with energy. That's all I can call it at this point. And I'm hoping along the way I'll be a…

Reaching Through Time

Sometimes it feels like we've already had all our conversations in some other realm. A realm that translates itself as a single lifetime in this world. That it is these conversations between us that write themselves as the scenes of our past, our present, and our irresistible future in this place of dreams and magic.

I lay awake to look at scenes I assure myself are the past, only to recognize these scenes came to be because of where we are Now and where we will be tomorrow. That even this moment, or last night, or these words and the words to come, are all coming through because of the conversations we've already had in this some-else-where that rests beyond this world we see. I know you there. You know me there. Intimately. We know everything about each other, about everything. All the secrets we think we hold now, There lay out in the open as laughing matters between us.

But here that Knowing, that intimate Knowledge of one another, turns itself into a mystery. The mystery of…

Leap Like It's 1999

Yeah this new dimension of Freshness is thinning the wordplay at the moment. Let me just say I love this Space right Here today. My heart's been doing all sorts of funny spasms over the past three days. I went to sleep after a "Good day sunlight" phone call a few nights ago and felt an unprecedented kind of bliss explode in my heart center. Hard to describe how high I've been ever since. I've never had a goodnight Kiss quite like that before. And no, it's not drugs, it's just this world of magic and fairytale!

Taking care of two cats is its own kind of magic. Mostly because they don't look for the same amount of attention that my dog does. These guys want to be loved on their own terms, when they feel like it, and not because I just happen to be walking by. I'm kind of in love with their easy laid back style of loving. And the grace with which they LEAP themselves onto my lap and any place three feet and over. They're gorgeous in every way. Ev…

Morning Bliss

When I step into Love
I'm stepping in to You
You are my morning Bliss
The Love of a story
There are no words for
My heart finds itself
In Your Grace
And my mind but stops
To let You have Your way
With everything that
speaks my name.

Reggae Fresh

Tour season is here. I had opted out of going to shows for more reasons than there is space for in my blog. So what happened? The songs started coming to me. The nightstand starts buzzing, and I flip open the phone to hear...fa la la la la, listen to the words I say, fa la la la la...

Well maybe not those particular words but some combination of tongue twisters that often send my face into all sorts of un-document-able twitches. Good one's. Only now something else is happening. Something that makes my whole body start to sway under the covers. A look glazes over my eyes. And I'm feelin' it! Really REALLY feelin' it!

It's dem reggae chunes! And I wouldn't have it ANY other way!

My love for reggae and all variations of island sprinkled beats is endless. I was raised on this. I spent the early part of my youth up on di reggae chunes. Lauda Mercy! Eere Me Now! Trading remixes and making mixed tapes (yes cassette tapes) for friends. I don't care what the songs abo…

Joy & Pain

I can't take pictures with the flash on (what happens to my eyes will scare you) but I wanted to show you that I'm as good as new.

I'm also absolutely convinced that pain is really only 1% physical and 99% psychological. Oddly enough, the active mental story or thought stream generates more grief and discomfort than any actual valid physical reason. True story.

It's a story that makes me question how physical we and all our experiences really are. The fact that our mental activity, our active story or dominant pattern of thought in any given moment weighs more in its effect on our experience than an actual physical event and the effects of the physical event, REALLY drives the point home. Our reality is only as big as our thoughts make it out to be. Our reality, no matter what our physical condition, is really only thought deep. What you feel has so much more to do with the story you're telling in your mind than it does with the physical sensations of this beautifu…