Thursday, July 16

Where You Are

I'm sitting on a bus marveling at the illusory nature of the space and boundaries between all of us on board. I can feel her in front of me. I can look out and feel the movement of the trees to my right. In stillness, I can reach out the boundaries I imagine through my senses. Amazing. Nothing is as it seems to my sensory hallucinations. So, what do I right now believe?

My head is a trip all on its own. No drugs necessary. Ever.

Then I hear it. Only I hear my translation of the energy movement else where. And I smile.

Damn. She's smiling to herself on the bus. She looks out the window to hide the parting lips as the smile turns itself into a near laughter.

Life looks at us like Mona Lisa. Forever musing to herself "when are you gonna get it?" 'Cause when we do get even a hint of it, we just start laughing. Sometimes uncontrollably. I'm thankful this hasn't happened out in public...yet.

This movement from across some way stayed with me all morning leaving me only to keep myself.

Then I close my eyes to get a closer look, only to see someone beating their chest in the shower. WTF? I don't know. I do wish my visions would introduce themselves first - like you do when you enter an online chat room for the first time "age, sex, location" etc. It would make me feel a little less kooky.

These moments of late have been powerfully expansive. Between the dinner-fests with friends, the outdoor excursions, the visions, and post fests, I've been occupied chopping off the snakes on medusa's head. Metaphorically, of course.

A distant love wonders how long it has been and how long it will be. "When" is the question. A story is offered me about some past, some three years, some time-related telling of what was and what's going to be.

And my response repeats breathing history into new words.

What time? What is this story of time we're so hypnotized by? We have only Now. We are only Now. Reality, and the majesty of what we are, is not found in the stories of past recollections and future wonderment's. The full force of what we are is Here Now. Just Now. Just Here. Storyless. And Power-Full.

I have a song in my head: "You are my better half, at least when I'm sleeping" - it's only funny when we sleep with eyes wide open. Yet even then we are wholes. Never halves.

Life is a dream spanning out in all directions - you can look "back" and see whatever dream of your choice. You can look "ahead" and choose to see whatever magnificent dream you'd like. The point is a simple one. NOW is all there is. Let go of the stories that say otherwise. "Back" and "forward" are only mental motions, illusions we play with within our own indescribable space of Being.

I release all that I've known to this moment, and I ask...what do I believe to be true right now?

And the smile comes right back.

Oh, Here We Are!

in Love and All Ways Yours,
Mona Lisa

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