Thursday, July 2

Two Cats And A Perfect Dream

Sometimes I catch myself forgetting that I'm the Dreamer as I tune into a string of thoughts that are waiting on outer-conditions to say what my reality is, means, and will be.

Funny about them old habits of perception.

Twenty minute walk to a canadianbug's house, two happy quiet cats, and my note-pad.

The clock reads 5:20 when it once again dawns on me - it isn't real, at all. The symbolic message had stamped itself all across the board of my point of view. Every where I looked, it was there, beckoning me to remember to go past this particular self-created illusion and self-imposed imaginary "obstacle". Again and again it came up to remind me, "I'm only as real as your belief in me".

And then I giggled. Alone. With the two cats off to my right. (Yeah, I don't hide my crazy well.)

It's fun to be the force in your own life. The story teller of your own story. The star of your favorite foreign movie.

Especially when you remember!

Lights. Camera. Action. I remember now.

I continued with my giggle-fit on my very wet walk home while I blasted the new Black Eyed Peas album in my ears. Giggling to yourself in the pouring rain and having leg spasms while you wait at the street lights...

Well, this is my hologram
I can dance if I want to!

In Tune,

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