Sunday, July 5

Two Birds, One Source, Two Birds, One Force.

She pulls on her hat to keep the light from escaping too soon. No need to spark the engine under him this early.

She'll go home in a hurry.

Eyes shut and morning tells a tale to green paper headed straight to the hands of a gentle stranger.

"Your light shines bright." I don't remember the rest. There's so much I wanted to say, only my mind didn't yet have the capacity to hold the words it would take. How long did it take? How many words?

Time ceased to exist along the way. Reality turned itself into a dream, and all dreams faded into One.

What is this feeling? The gods have turned our hearts into dynamite. And the angels lit the stick to wake us...only to wake us.

Yet we know, there won't be anything left in the wake of what we are.

Soulmates. Tonal mates and twin flames, twin rays and divine sparks. Sister souls of one tone.

Let's try it again.

What if there is just One Tone, One Flame, One Ray, One Spark? What if, when you move, I move, and when you look at me, we both disappear? What if we were never two at all?

Two-ness is for sleeping giants.

How can you shake off what you are?

It's best not to try.

You only try after self-preservation when you believe there is a separate self there to preserve. Who is fighting whom? Who is resisting whom? Who is withholding from whom?

A game for two takes two players. So what becomes of the lovers when the veil of two-ness disappears? When you see that you aren't the one for a him or a her, but simply The One, what then?

Your move is his move. Your decision is her decision.

How can you deny your very Self when it comes to face you as another? And when you know that there is no "other"?

It's best not to try.

Don't ask me about the details in the visions. I can't remember them all. Yesterday's no more than the sweetest taste that lingers to tell the story gently.

I am this moment. That's all there is.

Just One.

In every way.

Inevitably Yours,
Your Self

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