Thursday, July 23


It is simple really. It's not what you do or don't do in this physical world that makes you a sacred and treasured being. It's everything that you are. Saints and Sages, Saviors and the Holy Ones, are all decreed so by human beings. These are the labels of humanity, not the identity given you by your timeless Origin. It isn't what you express or how the world perceives or has perceived you. It isn't a mark of your earthly achievements or creations.

It's who you are. You are Sacred. You are Divinity. You are Purity. You are an inexplicable force in physical form.

Your very nature, everything you're made of, every ounce of what you are, is sacred. There is not a particle in and around your being that can step out of its Divine nature - not for anything, not for any place or time. And that's the end of it.

The stories you've collected may try to teach you away from your innate wonder and timeless purity. But the breadth and beauty of what you are is inescapable. Your Divinity, your spirituality, your purity, isn't something you earn through physical life. There is no act in this world that can make you more of what you already are, what you have always been.

There is nothing in this temporary experience that can take away from what you will always be.

You are something incredible, just as you are Here and Now.


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