Saturday, July 18

Loving YOU is so Easy

I get asked what my practice is quite a bit. "What do you do to stay connected" or some phrase like that is directed toward me as I continue on with my rant about this amazing design we call LIFE.

I don't have just one. But one that's worthy of a try for anyone on the Self-connection path is practicing love.

Well, how do you practice love?

Easy. Each day, or how ever often you're inspired (I recommend each day), you sit yourself down and think or write about what you love about the beings in your life, the things in your life, and the experiences in your life. You deliberately take yourself into a thought stream of love.

You ask yourself: What do I love about ______________? What do I adore about ____________?

Within just a few minutes of allowing yourself to tune into these questions and what flows from them, you start to feel the pick up of energy in your being. You feel the flow of the energy that you experience as love. It's this inexhaustible energy source that is so naturally and so readily and always available to you - and the easiest way to connect to it is to contemplate what you love and adore about the aspects of your physical experience.

What do you love today? What do you love about __________?

List the names of the beings in your life and think about what you love about them. List the objects and gadgets in your life and what you love about them. List the details of your memorable moments and what you love about them.

Our mind operates by focusing on and constricting around a particular thought-stream moment after moment. Practicing love in such a conscious and deliberate way is one method to create a particular thought groove within yourself - one that generates a higher movement of life energy (prana, chi, rei etc.) within your being and gets you connected to all that you are and becoming instantly. One that takes you out of the belief you've been unconsciously practicing - you know, the one that says that love is something you either feel or don't feel, as though there was something outside of you that decides when, who, what, and how much you love and can love.

No aspect of this physical experience is decided and determined outside of you. Every thought-stream you allow your mind to splash around in, is a decision being made. Every moment is a decision point between allowing love to flow through you and resisting this flow.

What is the thought-stream active within you doing? Is it allowing or resisting the flow of this amazing energy?

Most people I know LOVE the feeling of love. Yet, few really consider that it's something you can practice each day, each moment.

Part two of this practice is taking this daily effort and acting upon it each day - do at least one thing that expresses this love you've generated within yourself. Consciously make it a point to outwardly love something or someone. Whether it's just giving someone a hug, writing them a note, or telling them "I love you", or giving in some way to your favorite charity or organization, you act on the feelings you've generated within yourself.

This goes a long way to re-wire every neuron and re-organize every atom of your being to function in accord with your consciously chosen and deliberately practiced state of being - LOVE.

Could you BE Love? Could you function from the consciousness of love? Certainly. Easily. Consciously. Deliberately. In each moment of your every day.

in Love,

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