Saturday, July 25

It Tastes Like Cheesecake!

Watchout Cheesecake factory!

My beautiful friend sent me a pic of her raw strawberry cheesecake success followed by the recipe from Vegan Nom Noms

I was immediately in love. Some myspace friends may remember that I had an album entirely devoted to cheesecake - pictures taken from the Cheesecake Factory menu that I regularly used to induce extreme salivation.

I never know how my raw food escapades will turn out, but I love playing with my blender. I love playing with raw foods. I love playing with nuts. Yeah yeah, that's what she said.

This recipe turned out AMAZING-LY! And it tastes even better after being in the fridge over-night. The only thing I did differently is I used pureed dates instead of Agave for the filling and used a store-bought vegan pie-crust.

The bonus to that being I used the plastic cover that comes with the pie-crust to cover my cheese-cake. Like so:

Big time NomNom!

Nut Girl

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