Thursday, July 9

From Paradise...With Love

My morning walks tend to bend toward a clip out of a Disney movie. Bunnies hop along the scenery just at the same time two chipmunks make their way up a tree, black squirrels and beige squirrels scurry on about, blue colored and red colored birds switch trees, and butterflies and other flitting creatures make themselves known all to the background music and echoes of tweets, chirps, and other beautiful natural noises. I even run into wild turkeys on occasion.

The grass is sprinkled with yellow and white flowers and the green on either side of my view is pronounced. It's a beautiful neighborhood. All that's missing is for me to break out into song and have magical mice outfit me with pretty things and place bows in my hair.

The often empty park allows me to let my dog off her leash to run free and wild. As soon as I let her off leash, she runs straight to the fence of one of the yards facing the park, wagging her tail. Behind the fence is Charlie, who's equally happy to see her. Usually Charlie and his owner open up their back-fence and hang out, tossing balls and such. Today no such thing is taking place. It's just Charlie, obviously wishing he was out in the park with us.

I walk away to the trash to chuck Leela's poop only to turn around and find Charlie galloping toward me with full force. He jumps on my leg. He sits on my foot. The whole bottom half of his body is wiggling. He's happy. He's out. He's free. I look back to see where his owner is but no sign of the godly Mediterranean looking man. Charlie broke out? Charlie broke out.

Shitz. What do I do? I can't just leave him out alone in the park. Look at him! I called out into the yard to see if his owner could hear me but there's no sign of him. What should I do?

Charlie's having a blast! He's running. He's sprinting across the park. He's picking up sticks and looking at me like "hey, hey, can we play this game?". He's free. He's at play. He's in joy.

Then as though it was meant to unfold exactly like this, right on cue, I remember the very words I was digesting the other day.

All forms of Consciousness are One family - the only barriers that exist between the points of Consciousness on this planet are the one's we imagine. Whether you're on four feet and furry or crawling on your belly, you do communicate with everything around you. And just as the thought started bathing over me, I looked at Charlie's amazingly gorgeous chestnut brown eyes, and I knew. He'll listen to me.

I walked right over to the bush he squeezed out of and called him. I pointed to the opening and said "go inside Charlie, we'll play more tomorrow." Charlie went inside, walked to the fence part of his yard and sat. Like nothing happened.

He listened. Easily.

I giggled.

Everything listens. Everything responds. To You.

Alice in Wonderland

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