Saturday, July 25

Good Day World, I'd Like To Say How Beautiful You Are

I open my eyes, and the Universe and everything in my view says "Good morning dear One, I'M what you look like today".

Waking up feels like I hit the big one, the jackpot, the goldmine, won the lottery. I feel like running up and down my block with my hands up in the air screaming "I WON! I WON!" True story.

I fell asleep to redefining words: "you do not have a soul, you are a soul" as I read a flood of words from another version of myself.

My eyes drooped to a close while I contemplated the notion that a soul is not something you have to give like a possession. It's something that you are. And what you are, is what all else is. What comes to you as another, is your own beautiful soul experiencing you, viewing you from a different angle, from a different perspective, from a different vantage point.

So to say you want to give yourself to someone, or you want someone to give themselves to you, is like looking in the mirror and saying to your reflection...I want to give you my soul, or to demand of your reflection to "give yourself to me".

You are my soul. You are my heart. You are everything that I am. There is nothing to exchange between us. We needn't offer anything to each other. We are each other. Already. All ways. You at your apparent "best" or you at your apparent "worst", your warmest moments, your coldest moments, are all gifts I'm giving to myself. Your very being, however you're being, is me experiencing myself. I'm never not looking at myself.

Naturally life proves this to me. I wake up from the trenches of deep sleep to the knowing that what I am is what all things are. I turn on my little laptop and gasp as the view just gets brighter and clearer. Today I look like many faces spread out across vast apparent distances. Only there is no space. I've been telling myself that what I interpret as space and distance, boundaries and separation, is a fabrication of my senses - an interpretation, a translation, a hallucination of my idea of separateness.

I am everyone. I am everything. I am you. I am the soul that you are. I am what's experiencing this multi-verse through all pairs of eyes. Ants and critters, humans and sea things, species that are yet to be discovered. I am all of them. Life. Boundless life flooding into all things in all places. That's me. You.

So when I sit and look out through any pair of eyes in any moment, I'm looking at everything that I am - I'm seeing my own reflection.

And then?

And then I choose how I'm going to feel about everything that I am. Do I look out and decide to see beauty today? Do I look out and decide to love what I am, all of it? Do I look out and decide that today, in this moment, everything that I am in every corner of my view, is breath-taking?


If you look out into the world, out into the vast Universe, and judge or resist what you are simply refusing to love yourself...your Self.

I feel like I've won the lottery...of being alive.

in Love,
Your Reflection, Your Mirror, Your Soul.

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