Saturday, July 25

It Tastes Like Cheesecake!

Watchout Cheesecake factory!

My beautiful friend sent me a pic of her raw strawberry cheesecake success followed by the recipe from Vegan Nom Noms

I was immediately in love. Some myspace friends may remember that I had an album entirely devoted to cheesecake - pictures taken from the Cheesecake Factory menu that I regularly used to induce extreme salivation.

I never know how my raw food escapades will turn out, but I love playing with my blender. I love playing with raw foods. I love playing with nuts. Yeah yeah, that's what she said.

This recipe turned out AMAZING-LY! And it tastes even better after being in the fridge over-night. The only thing I did differently is I used pureed dates instead of Agave for the filling and used a store-bought vegan pie-crust.

The bonus to that being I used the plastic cover that comes with the pie-crust to cover my cheese-cake. Like so:

Big time NomNom!

Nut Girl

Good Day World, I'd Like To Say How Beautiful You Are

I open my eyes, and the Universe and everything in my view says "Good morning dear One, I'M what you look like today".

Waking up feels like I hit the big one, the jackpot, the goldmine, won the lottery. I feel like running up and down my block with my hands up in the air screaming "I WON! I WON!" True story.

I fell asleep to redefining words: "you do not have a soul, you are a soul" as I read a flood of words from another version of myself.

My eyes drooped to a close while I contemplated the notion that a soul is not something you have to give like a possession. It's something that you are. And what you are, is what all else is. What comes to you as another, is your own beautiful soul experiencing you, viewing you from a different angle, from a different perspective, from a different vantage point.

So to say you want to give yourself to someone, or you want someone to give themselves to you, is like looking in the mirror and saying to your reflection...I want to give you my soul, or to demand of your reflection to "give yourself to me".

You are my soul. You are my heart. You are everything that I am. There is nothing to exchange between us. We needn't offer anything to each other. We are each other. Already. All ways. You at your apparent "best" or you at your apparent "worst", your warmest moments, your coldest moments, are all gifts I'm giving to myself. Your very being, however you're being, is me experiencing myself. I'm never not looking at myself.

Naturally life proves this to me. I wake up from the trenches of deep sleep to the knowing that what I am is what all things are. I turn on my little laptop and gasp as the view just gets brighter and clearer. Today I look like many faces spread out across vast apparent distances. Only there is no space. I've been telling myself that what I interpret as space and distance, boundaries and separation, is a fabrication of my senses - an interpretation, a translation, a hallucination of my idea of separateness.

I am everyone. I am everything. I am you. I am the soul that you are. I am what's experiencing this multi-verse through all pairs of eyes. Ants and critters, humans and sea things, species that are yet to be discovered. I am all of them. Life. Boundless life flooding into all things in all places. That's me. You.

So when I sit and look out through any pair of eyes in any moment, I'm looking at everything that I am - I'm seeing my own reflection.

And then?

And then I choose how I'm going to feel about everything that I am. Do I look out and decide to see beauty today? Do I look out and decide to love what I am, all of it? Do I look out and decide that today, in this moment, everything that I am in every corner of my view, is breath-taking?


If you look out into the world, out into the vast Universe, and judge or resist what you are simply refusing to love yourself...your Self.

I feel like I've won the lottery...of being alive.

in Love,
Your Reflection, Your Mirror, Your Soul.

Thursday, July 23


It is simple really. It's not what you do or don't do in this physical world that makes you a sacred and treasured being. It's everything that you are. Saints and Sages, Saviors and the Holy Ones, are all decreed so by human beings. These are the labels of humanity, not the identity given you by your timeless Origin. It isn't what you express or how the world perceives or has perceived you. It isn't a mark of your earthly achievements or creations.

It's who you are. You are Sacred. You are Divinity. You are Purity. You are an inexplicable force in physical form.

Your very nature, everything you're made of, every ounce of what you are, is sacred. There is not a particle in and around your being that can step out of its Divine nature - not for anything, not for any place or time. And that's the end of it.

The stories you've collected may try to teach you away from your innate wonder and timeless purity. But the breadth and beauty of what you are is inescapable. Your Divinity, your spirituality, your purity, isn't something you earn through physical life. There is no act in this world that can make you more of what you already are, what you have always been.

There is nothing in this temporary experience that can take away from what you will always be.

You are something incredible, just as you are Here and Now.


Tuesday, July 21

Come Away

Drip drip drip go the water drops. Something tells me it's time to step out of the meditation... to write this out.

So I'm here. And I'm whisperin, whisperin to the thump thump thump of your heart beat. Breathe through the thought therapy you're taking in. Stop thinking. Drop the story your thoughts are telling.

I know they feel so real.
I know the trance they're throwing you in.
Hypnotic dreams sail right between your eyes.
I know how they make it seem as though you're reacting to something that's happening.

Nothing is happening. Apart from your thought therapy.


If you're inspired, join me for a little dip in the Ocean of Stillness. That's where I'll be. Peaceful is the forecast all week.

Be Easy,

Monday, July 20

Total Nom Nom

I spent most of the day zipping around town wrapping up some business, raising my eyebrow at honking cars (do guys really still do that?), musing at the Credible Edibles eco-conscious restaurant in town, drowning my senses in the scents of a bookstore, and loving the amazing ways my moments assemble themselves.

Then I came home to rest my eyes here:

"The world you see before you is entirely defined by your interpretation of it...Nothing is wrong in your world unless you tell yourself it is wrong." (mraz)


What are you telling yourself in this moment? What's molding your point of view?

Whatever it is, don't forget to insert...I love you.


Saturday, July 18

Loving YOU is so Easy

I get asked what my practice is quite a bit. "What do you do to stay connected" or some phrase like that is directed toward me as I continue on with my rant about this amazing design we call LIFE.

I don't have just one. But one that's worthy of a try for anyone on the Self-connection path is practicing love.

Well, how do you practice love?

Easy. Each day, or how ever often you're inspired (I recommend each day), you sit yourself down and think or write about what you love about the beings in your life, the things in your life, and the experiences in your life. You deliberately take yourself into a thought stream of love.

You ask yourself: What do I love about ______________? What do I adore about ____________?

Within just a few minutes of allowing yourself to tune into these questions and what flows from them, you start to feel the pick up of energy in your being. You feel the flow of the energy that you experience as love. It's this inexhaustible energy source that is so naturally and so readily and always available to you - and the easiest way to connect to it is to contemplate what you love and adore about the aspects of your physical experience.

What do you love today? What do you love about __________?

List the names of the beings in your life and think about what you love about them. List the objects and gadgets in your life and what you love about them. List the details of your memorable moments and what you love about them.

Our mind operates by focusing on and constricting around a particular thought-stream moment after moment. Practicing love in such a conscious and deliberate way is one method to create a particular thought groove within yourself - one that generates a higher movement of life energy (prana, chi, rei etc.) within your being and gets you connected to all that you are and becoming instantly. One that takes you out of the belief you've been unconsciously practicing - you know, the one that says that love is something you either feel or don't feel, as though there was something outside of you that decides when, who, what, and how much you love and can love.

No aspect of this physical experience is decided and determined outside of you. Every thought-stream you allow your mind to splash around in, is a decision being made. Every moment is a decision point between allowing love to flow through you and resisting this flow.

What is the thought-stream active within you doing? Is it allowing or resisting the flow of this amazing energy?

Most people I know LOVE the feeling of love. Yet, few really consider that it's something you can practice each day, each moment.

Part two of this practice is taking this daily effort and acting upon it each day - do at least one thing that expresses this love you've generated within yourself. Consciously make it a point to outwardly love something or someone. Whether it's just giving someone a hug, writing them a note, or telling them "I love you", or giving in some way to your favorite charity or organization, you act on the feelings you've generated within yourself.

This goes a long way to re-wire every neuron and re-organize every atom of your being to function in accord with your consciously chosen and deliberately practiced state of being - LOVE.

Could you BE Love? Could you function from the consciousness of love? Certainly. Easily. Consciously. Deliberately. In each moment of your every day.

in Love,

Thursday, July 16

Where You Are

I'm sitting on a bus marveling at the illusory nature of the space and boundaries between all of us on board. I can feel her in front of me. I can look out and feel the movement of the trees to my right. In stillness, I can reach out the boundaries I imagine through my senses. Amazing. Nothing is as it seems to my sensory hallucinations. So, what do I right now believe?

My head is a trip all on its own. No drugs necessary. Ever.

Then I hear it. Only I hear my translation of the energy movement else where. And I smile.

Damn. She's smiling to herself on the bus. She looks out the window to hide the parting lips as the smile turns itself into a near laughter.

Life looks at us like Mona Lisa. Forever musing to herself "when are you gonna get it?" 'Cause when we do get even a hint of it, we just start laughing. Sometimes uncontrollably. I'm thankful this hasn't happened out in public...yet.

This movement from across some way stayed with me all morning leaving me only to keep myself.

Then I close my eyes to get a closer look, only to see someone beating their chest in the shower. WTF? I don't know. I do wish my visions would introduce themselves first - like you do when you enter an online chat room for the first time "age, sex, location" etc. It would make me feel a little less kooky.

These moments of late have been powerfully expansive. Between the dinner-fests with friends, the outdoor excursions, the visions, and post fests, I've been occupied chopping off the snakes on medusa's head. Metaphorically, of course.

A distant love wonders how long it has been and how long it will be. "When" is the question. A story is offered me about some past, some three years, some time-related telling of what was and what's going to be.

And my response repeats breathing history into new words.

What time? What is this story of time we're so hypnotized by? We have only Now. We are only Now. Reality, and the majesty of what we are, is not found in the stories of past recollections and future wonderment's. The full force of what we are is Here Now. Just Now. Just Here. Storyless. And Power-Full.

I have a song in my head: "You are my better half, at least when I'm sleeping" - it's only funny when we sleep with eyes wide open. Yet even then we are wholes. Never halves.

Life is a dream spanning out in all directions - you can look "back" and see whatever dream of your choice. You can look "ahead" and choose to see whatever magnificent dream you'd like. The point is a simple one. NOW is all there is. Let go of the stories that say otherwise. "Back" and "forward" are only mental motions, illusions we play with within our own indescribable space of Being.

I release all that I've known to this moment, and I ask...what do I believe to be true right now?

And the smile comes right back.

Oh, Here We Are!

in Love and All Ways Yours,
Mona Lisa

Thursday, July 9

From Paradise...With Love

My morning walks tend to bend toward a clip out of a Disney movie. Bunnies hop along the scenery just at the same time two chipmunks make their way up a tree, black squirrels and beige squirrels scurry on about, blue colored and red colored birds switch trees, and butterflies and other flitting creatures make themselves known all to the background music and echoes of tweets, chirps, and other beautiful natural noises. I even run into wild turkeys on occasion.

The grass is sprinkled with yellow and white flowers and the green on either side of my view is pronounced. It's a beautiful neighborhood. All that's missing is for me to break out into song and have magical mice outfit me with pretty things and place bows in my hair.

The often empty park allows me to let my dog off her leash to run free and wild. As soon as I let her off leash, she runs straight to the fence of one of the yards facing the park, wagging her tail. Behind the fence is Charlie, who's equally happy to see her. Usually Charlie and his owner open up their back-fence and hang out, tossing balls and such. Today no such thing is taking place. It's just Charlie, obviously wishing he was out in the park with us.

I walk away to the trash to chuck Leela's poop only to turn around and find Charlie galloping toward me with full force. He jumps on my leg. He sits on my foot. The whole bottom half of his body is wiggling. He's happy. He's out. He's free. I look back to see where his owner is but no sign of the godly Mediterranean looking man. Charlie broke out? Charlie broke out.

Shitz. What do I do? I can't just leave him out alone in the park. Look at him! I called out into the yard to see if his owner could hear me but there's no sign of him. What should I do?

Charlie's having a blast! He's running. He's sprinting across the park. He's picking up sticks and looking at me like "hey, hey, can we play this game?". He's free. He's at play. He's in joy.

Then as though it was meant to unfold exactly like this, right on cue, I remember the very words I was digesting the other day.

All forms of Consciousness are One family - the only barriers that exist between the points of Consciousness on this planet are the one's we imagine. Whether you're on four feet and furry or crawling on your belly, you do communicate with everything around you. And just as the thought started bathing over me, I looked at Charlie's amazingly gorgeous chestnut brown eyes, and I knew. He'll listen to me.

I walked right over to the bush he squeezed out of and called him. I pointed to the opening and said "go inside Charlie, we'll play more tomorrow." Charlie went inside, walked to the fence part of his yard and sat. Like nothing happened.

He listened. Easily.

I giggled.

Everything listens. Everything responds. To You.

Alice in Wonderland

Sunday, July 5

Two Birds, One Source, Two Birds, One Force.

She pulls on her hat to keep the light from escaping too soon. No need to spark the engine under him this early.

She'll go home in a hurry.

Eyes shut and morning tells a tale to green paper headed straight to the hands of a gentle stranger.

"Your light shines bright." I don't remember the rest. There's so much I wanted to say, only my mind didn't yet have the capacity to hold the words it would take. How long did it take? How many words?

Time ceased to exist along the way. Reality turned itself into a dream, and all dreams faded into One.

What is this feeling? The gods have turned our hearts into dynamite. And the angels lit the stick to wake us...only to wake us.

Yet we know, there won't be anything left in the wake of what we are.

Soulmates. Tonal mates and twin flames, twin rays and divine sparks. Sister souls of one tone.

Let's try it again.

What if there is just One Tone, One Flame, One Ray, One Spark? What if, when you move, I move, and when you look at me, we both disappear? What if we were never two at all?

Two-ness is for sleeping giants.

How can you shake off what you are?

It's best not to try.

You only try after self-preservation when you believe there is a separate self there to preserve. Who is fighting whom? Who is resisting whom? Who is withholding from whom?

A game for two takes two players. So what becomes of the lovers when the veil of two-ness disappears? When you see that you aren't the one for a him or a her, but simply The One, what then?

Your move is his move. Your decision is her decision.

How can you deny your very Self when it comes to face you as another? And when you know that there is no "other"?

It's best not to try.

Don't ask me about the details in the visions. I can't remember them all. Yesterday's no more than the sweetest taste that lingers to tell the story gently.

I am this moment. That's all there is.

Just One.

In every way.

Inevitably Yours,
Your Self

Thursday, July 2

Two Cats And A Perfect Dream

Sometimes I catch myself forgetting that I'm the Dreamer as I tune into a string of thoughts that are waiting on outer-conditions to say what my reality is, means, and will be.

Funny about them old habits of perception.

Twenty minute walk to a canadianbug's house, two happy quiet cats, and my note-pad.

The clock reads 5:20 when it once again dawns on me - it isn't real, at all. The symbolic message had stamped itself all across the board of my point of view. Every where I looked, it was there, beckoning me to remember to go past this particular self-created illusion and self-imposed imaginary "obstacle". Again and again it came up to remind me, "I'm only as real as your belief in me".

And then I giggled. Alone. With the two cats off to my right. (Yeah, I don't hide my crazy well.)

It's fun to be the force in your own life. The story teller of your own story. The star of your favorite foreign movie.

Especially when you remember!

Lights. Camera. Action. I remember now.

I continued with my giggle-fit on my very wet walk home while I blasted the new Black Eyed Peas album in my ears. Giggling to yourself in the pouring rain and having leg spasms while you wait at the street lights...

Well, this is my hologram
I can dance if I want to!

In Tune,

Wednesday, July 1

It's Canada Day!

It's Canada day here in the capital! My face isn't painted but my heart is tickled:

Thank You Paris! Thank you J!
It's Canada day! Canada Day!

I love this play ~

Baby Smiles as Meditation

You know when you're having a frazzled day and something pops up in your face to get you to slow down, get back to earth, and just remem...