Wednesday, June 17

Unless the Dreamer is the real YOU

Hey, I'm curious too. What IS going on in your environment?

I'm all for change. I'm all for transformation. Yet, my curiosity isn't on what you can do for the world "out there". Your actions and motivations always stem from a deeper place within, so I'm wondering about a state much more closer than the tip of your tongue.

In any given moment, my go-to question would be, what are you dreaming right now with eyes wide open? What story is your mind telling in this moment? What energy are you putting into expression? What energy are you putting into action? What frequency are you activating and mobilizing through you in this instant? Does it serve your vision? Does it build your vision? Does it serve your desired destination? Does it empower? Does it inspire?

We can ask a lot of questions about where we've been and where we want to go. What our world appears to be and what we dream of it becoming. We can let our thought-stream take us into any mind-field, a field of thoughts we can anchor and encode our being with. But it ALL begins within our own mind before it ripples out into the world we want transformed.

"The only corner of the Universe you can change, is YOU" - Huxley

Change, transformation, of anything begins in the subtlest parts of our own being. When you change your own pattern of being, when you transform your own inner and learned tendencies, you transform the entire Universe of which you are an intimately integrated part of.

Does this mean "do nothing" in the world? Not at all. Go. Do. But bring the question of change home, much much closer home while you're out doing.

How are you being?

How are you a force of harmony within yourself in this moment, on this day? What thoughts can you tune into or lift off from to anchor the energy/frequency of peace and harmony in yourself? How are you a calming presence in your own skin and in your internal environment?

The better dream will only come through you. So what is going on in your environment? Your inner environment?

It ALL revolves around YOU.


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