Monday, June 22

Monkey Business

Words I love and over use:

Monkey business.
Love monkey.
OoOoOok OoOOooOk Ack.

you say: Gee, Kid, what are you going to do now that you're 29?
I say: I'm going to build an empire of monkey's and take over the world, right after I battle your boogieman to become the limbo champion of the universe (title copyright snowangelmary '09).

you say: Hey Kid, what do you do?
I say: Oh, I'm the limbo champion of the universe.

And then we dance.

No matter how many stuffed monkey animals I've given away, no matter how many monkey-stamped clothes and under-things I've gone through, the fact that my friends think of me when they see something monkey-related never ceases to tickle me. It's a continual theme in this story of me. One that I'm happy to continue to fuel.

I'm not sure how it began. It may have started when I was 5 or 6 years old. A monkey snatched food right out from my hands and ran away. Best family vacation ever. It's very normal to "shoo" monkey's out of your hotel 'round those parts. I spent that entire trip falling asleep to the sound of monkey's and waking up to them running on the roof, climbing on the porch of our hotel, and causing some serious monkey chaos. Moral of this story? If you want me to fall in love with you in an obsessive kind of way for the rest of my life, just do as the monkey's do.

Did I mention that I was born on the year of the monkey on the Chinese calendar?

It could be any number of things programmed into me that accounts for why the very appearance, name, and everything of these creatures brings me joy, and why my amazing stream of friends continue to support the habit.

My world is a very very happy place! You can come over any time!

In Happiness,

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