Monday, June 22

I'm Watching My World

I've climbed into my heart-space. And the view of this is endlessly spell-binding. I am mad about You and everything that You are. You're so completely new and so full of magic.

You can live each moment with the dullness of memory driven perception, under the illusion of *knowing* what's before you, all around you, and living as you. Or you can take-in each moment as the brilliantly orchestrated miracle it is and take in the magic Existence has conspired to lay at your feet.

Experience is a moment-to-moment choice of focus. How are you choosing to experience this moment? Can you see this instant with the eyes of a new born?

This thing is absolutely amazing. Life. Love. This design. I've given myself permission to be WOWed. Every moment is such an elegantly choreographed and synchronized dance. The did Existence know?! It's astounding just how much of it I'm getting to watch. I feel like I have an all access pass and the best seat in the house. I do.

I'm utterly hypnotized by the grace of this Love, this Life.

Are you Here Now? Are you reveling in the reveal of this instant before you? Are you letting Life sweep you off your feet in this moment? Are you letting go of all you know to see with the awareness of fresh eyes in this instant?

Our conditioned judgments of this moment have nothing to do with what it is we're truly looking at. What we think we know of anything and of anyone is only a veil that obscures the bright magic that waits to be digested. It is only our conditioned thoughts and reactions that blind us to all the beauty life right now showers us with.

It's so beautiful. You're so beauty-full.

I don't know what this life is, but I'm excited to see and live how it unfolds. I love how amazing it makes me feel, and how much I'm taken by it. Over and over again. So completely new. So completely perfect. Just like you.

In Heightened Awareness,

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