Friday, June 26

Breathing Love

I close my eyes. I take a deep breath in. I exhale.

What is it that floods me in this instant? What is it that's creating me right now? What is it that's building this entire Universe in this moment?

Love builds me from moment to moment. It flows through the trillions of energy meridians that wire my body. It's doing so right now. It's flooding my system in this instant supplying power and feeding every cell, every fiber, every atom of my being. Love animates me. Love breathes me. Love lives me.

There is no other force. There is no other creative power.

And it is the same for every being coming into, existing in, and leaving this physical experience.

Everything they are, everything she is, everything he is, is powered, animated, and created by this inexplicable energy force. In this very instant, Love is what's flooding their physical system. Love is what's flowing through every single one of their energy meridians. See that person in front of you? See that person that walked into your life? See that person that walked out of your life? Love is what's bringing them to life. Love is what's allowing them to be and express. There is nothing else flowing through them.

We are in any moment either allowing the flow of this Love and feeling amazing because of it, or we are restricting the flow of this Love and feeling horrible for it. Our joy is nothing more than allowing this energy to flood our being. Our horror is nothing more than resisting this energy from flooding our being. In any moment and at any time, we are either allowing Love or resisting it. There is no third choice.

And whether we are allowing or resisting isn't about the other beings in our lives. It's only and always about how alive we're allowing ourselves to feel. Withholding love or resisting it affects your own being and your own physical expression first and foremost.

How are you allowing Love in this moment? Who and what are you using as an excuse to resist this flow in this moment? What thoughts can you think to let It in?

Allowing Love,

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