Saturday, June 20

'09's Gonna BE A Good Time!

This blog is best read while THIS SONG plays in the background.

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday. And I have ONE declaration for year 29 in outer space.

I'm letting go.
Of ALL control.
I'm getting spaced out, WAY out
And dancing like I'm at the disco.
ALL year long.
Then I'm gonna do it, do it, just do it again, and again.

Life is a celebration. EVERY DAY is a celebration.

So tomorrow there's only one way to celebrate with me. And you start IT now.

Turn THIS on where ever you are, and DANCE. JUST let go. OF ALL CONTROL. Jump on your sofa. Or on your bed. Bop your head on your drive. Turn up the sound. And keep singing...

'09's gonna be a good time!
'09's gonna be a good time!

Then do it again and again. That's what I'll be doing.



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