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Breathing Love

I close my eyes. I take a deep breath in. I exhale.

What is it that floods me in this instant? What is it that's creating me right now? What is it that's building this entire Universe in this moment?

Love builds me from moment to moment. It flows through the trillions of energy meridians that wire my body. It's doing so right now. It's flooding my system in this instant supplying power and feeding every cell, every fiber, every atom of my being. Love animates me. Love breathes me. Love lives me.

There is no other force. There is no other creative power.

And it is the same for every being coming into, existing in, and leaving this physical experience.

Everything they are, everything she is, everything he is, is powered, animated, and created by this inexplicable energy force. In this very instant, Love is what's flooding their physical system. Love is what's flowing through every single one of their energy meridians. See that person in front of you? See that person t…

Thank-FULL for You

Every event is a chance to choose where my focus goes, a chance to witness the responses of my own mind and heart.

Today, right now, I'm focusing on his amazing gifts, contributions, and expression. He is the brilliance of Life and forever remains that way. My celebration of you and everything that you are does not end today.

Thank you for everything that you are Mr. Creative Miracle, you have gifted this experience with so much more than can be described.

And thank YOU Nicole for putting a smile on my face with your heart-warming food-art:


All Ways,

I'm Watching My World

I've climbed into my heart-space. And the view of this is endlessly spell-binding. I am mad about You and everything that You are. You're so completely new and so full of magic.

You can live each moment with the dullness of memory driven perception, under the illusion of *knowing* what's before you, all around you, and living as you. Or you can take-in each moment as the brilliantly orchestrated miracle it is and take in the magic Existence has conspired to lay at your feet.

Experience is a moment-to-moment choice of focus. How are you choosing to experience this moment? Can you see this instant with the eyes of a new born?

This thing is absolutely amazing. Life. Love. This design. I've given myself permission to be WOWed. Every moment is such an elegantly choreographed and synchronized dance. The did Existence know?! It's astounding just how much of it I'm getting to watch. I feel like I have an all access pass and the best seat in …

Monkey Business

Words I love and over use:

Monkey business.
Love monkey.
OoOoOok OoOOooOk Ack.

you say: Gee, Kid, what are you going to do now that you're 29?
I say: I'm going to build an empire of monkey's and take over the world, right after I battle your boogieman to become the limbo champion of the universe (title copyright snowangelmary '09).

you say: Hey Kid, what do you do?
I say: Oh, I'm the limbo champion of the universe.

And then we dance.

No matter how many stuffed monkey animals I've given away, no matter how many monkey-stamped clothes and under-things I've gone through, the fact that my friends think of me when they see something monkey-related never ceases to tickle me. It's a continual theme in this story of me. One that I'm happy to continue to fuel.

I'm not sure how it began. It may have started when I was 5 or 6 years old. A monkey snatched food right out from my hands and ran away. Best family vacation ever. It's very normal to "shoo" mo…

I love you all!

I need to let this out!

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

All the words. All the gestures. All the love.

I love you! That's all I can say today.

I'm so thankful to be at this place, in this moment, connected to so many amazingly beautiful beings across this planet. It's amazing just how far these connections extend.

You are my favorite everything!

I can't stand this! I CAN!

I feel your love. Intensely. And I feel lucky for getting to share in this loving design with YOU. I am in my mind's eye at this very instant fiercely wrapping myself around you.

You know. Cuddles. Wuggles. Huggles. Kiddles. And all that monkey business.

You're amazing as you are, where you are.

Thank you for all this love!

May all that you've extended toward me today, come back to you a thousand fold.


in Love,

'09's Gonna BE A Good Time!

This blog is best read while THIS SONG plays in the background.

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday. And I have ONE declaration for year 29 in outer space.

I'm letting go.
Of ALL control.
I'm getting spaced out, WAY out
And dancing like I'm at the disco.
ALL year long.
Then I'm gonna do it, do it, just do it again, and again.

Life is a celebration. EVERY DAY is a celebration.

So tomorrow there's only one way to celebrate with me. And you start IT now.

Turn THIS on where ever you are, and DANCE. JUST let go. OF ALL CONTROL. Jump on your sofa. Or on your bed. Bop your head on your drive. Turn up the sound. And keep singing...

'09's gonna be a good time!
'09's gonna be a good time!

Then do it again and again. That's what I'll be doing.



Unless the Dreamer is the real YOU

Hey, I'm curious too. What IS going on in your environment?

I'm all for change. I'm all for transformation. Yet, my curiosity isn't on what you can do for the world "out there". Your actions and motivations always stem from a deeper place within, so I'm wondering about a state much more closer than the tip of your tongue.

In any given moment, my go-to question would be, what are you dreaming right now with eyes wide open? What story is your mind telling in this moment? What energy are you putting into expression? What energy are you putting into action? What frequency are you activating and mobilizing through you in this instant? Does it serve your vision? Does it build your vision? Does it serve your desired destination? Does it empower? Does it inspire?

We can ask a lot of questions about where we've been and where we want to go. What our world appears to be and what we dream of it becoming. We can let our thought-stream take us into any mind-field,…

Please, don't stop.

"You are a separated portion of our collective consciousness having an individual objective experience within a unified field of vibrational patterns. Okay not a romantic view of things but we are working on function here so bear with me."
I don't know Lou, that right there sounds like baby-making talk to me.

Bow chicka wow wow. I actually had a shirt that said that.

I love this kind of sweet talk.

Tell me more Lou

I'll whisper back with: you've always had it all.

I talk to my breakfast.

So animated!

It's one thing for the voice in your head to develop a british accent, especially since you can chalk it off to repeated exposure.

But to dream of two chubby dolphins, talking audibly, while one wears a wedding veil?

Clearly I've gone too far this time.


I feel it so well. I know it so well. The buzz. The high. I'm in it more often than I'm not.

Hi, my name is Kid, and I'm a joy-junkie.

So, when the picture re-arranges in a way that my mind can't organize itself around, I can feel the slight drop from my usual platform. Only it's not so much a drop as it is a hazy overcast, of thoughts too distant to make out but too subtle to dissolve, enough to see through but not quite clear enough to walk through. What is this vague feeling? I couldn't make it out.

So this morning, on my usual walk, I said out loud "okay, I need help with this one, 'cause I can't see it enough to clear it." And I moved on. Still at ease. Still feeling the added weight, light as it was. Still knowing the nature of things. Still amused by the picture. I moved on.

Who am I? What is this world?

Hours later, words later, meditations later, at the end of this day the strongest urge came over me to go see who was downstairs chatting a…