Sunday, May 24

What's it like?

I've never tried to commit the feeling of that space into words, but this morning someone asked and so I said:

"It's difficult to describe, mostly 'cause it feels like my brains labeling department and my personal story is put completely on pause. Things just get clearer both visibly and feeling wise, and really I feel like I (my normal way of focusing) get moved from front row-center, to the nose-bleed sections of my mind. It just feels like something else is looking through my difficult to describe...and yet so full of total release."

[continued "I just's not that I move to the back of my mind, it's that my habit of associating to thinking is so loose or thin in those moments, that I'm seeing/experiencing without the veil of it feels like I'm not there...but what's really not there is the constant after thoughts I habitually identify with..."]

It's still not right enough but this description adds more to it:

"My attention rests in a space where time and space cease to exist. That's the state where infinity lies, and it's the most intensely rewarding experience I've ever known." (j)

You still can't touch it with words but you can try to point in that direction...

Existence is so layered in its dazzling mystery.

Tat Tvam Asi

in Love,

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