Monday, May 4

This Unconditional High

I'm consistently flying High for having touched tongue with Eternity. Once you taste the power of Love, there's just no denying the intense satisfaction of Being, of Self-connection. Nothing compares to This.

A mood is never just a mood, a situation never just a situation. Nothing that appears has the power to move you away from This.

Marveling at the miracle that is my existence, looking up and out into this world knowing and seeing that there is not a single atom out of place, not meant to be where it is, it's impossible to not appreciate where and how I stand...with and in What I stand.

Life is absolutely a blissful miracle. There is so much more wonder in this moment alone to fill a lifetime of curiosity. This single instant has more miracles in it than my mind can fathom.

Life has me by the heart in a blissful grip, and in its grip I at once realized I'm not here to live my dream. That part's an unconditional given.

I'm here to drown myself in the Dreamer.

To fall in Love with Eternity, there is just no other high that compares.

I am spoiled.

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