Thursday, May 7

Right Brain Orgasms

Sometimes the right side of my brain gets an energetic massage strong enough for my scalp to tingle and my eyes to roll back a little. It makes me want to curl my toes.

Depending on what school of thought you subscribe to, whether you use the kundalini template or tantra, Jill Bolte Taylor's brain science or psychology, the right side of the brain is often linked with an expansion of consciousness beyond conditioned identity, beyond the surface self. So a shift in brain hemisphere function is seen as beneficial on multiple dimensions.

And it's not that you lose left hemisphere involvement, it's more that you're working with a more integrated mind so the conditioned chatter, or "ego", is transparent if present. Maybe you can liken right brain dominance as evidence of seeing through the veil of conditioned thought or as being more in-tune or attuned to the insights and direction of your Inner Self.

I seldom write about the physical experiences that accompany the journey of Self-discovery. They are many.

A google search on "right brain activation" or "kundalini and the right brain" will lead you to all the right information for you to get some right brain orgasms.

Your spirituality absolutely changes your biology.

Happy toe curling ~

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