Tuesday, May 5

Curious Case of the Gentle Man

It's funny. I've been around guys all my life. Two older brothers and their friends and the myriad of groups of boys I've befriended through the years has earned me endless hours of laughter and good times. I'm the only girl in the room sleeping in the corner when the game is on. I'm the only girl at the clubs and on the patio and at the restaurant with the group of guys. And none of them were my boyfriend.

Some of my longest running friendships are with these guys. It's easy. It's free. It's fun!

It's never phased me when the conversation turned classy or when the jokes got gross or the drinking got out of hand. It never phased me when the candid conversations became about how crazy girls are or when the naked pictures of super models popped up on cell phones and computer screens. I'm so much used to what I've seen and lived with my guys, it's so much the norm, that this chance meeting still has me tilting my head with wonder.

The look in your eyes in between the words and the warmth in the tone of your spoken knowledge has me shifting in my own head. I didn't know anyone could ooze so much gallantry.

It IS beautiful!

Ain't it nice when we know too much to even ask for a name?

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