Wednesday, May 20

Bright Blazing Eyes

She's looking at me deciding whether the thing I'm picking up is worth hanging around for. Undecided. Ears back. Tail down. Curious but still unsure of this weird looking object in my hands. Can she trust it? She wavers. No, she'd better go upstairs and hide until it goes away.

This is how it looks to me when my dog reacts to someone reaching for the broom. To me it's just a broom, an inanimate meaningless stick. To her, from her point of view, it's something entirely other.

It's how most of us with a nervous system perceive - our perception is half insecure imagination and half past experience. It takes practice to see things in their naked and undefiled nature, in their non-being-ness, in their true light. If you could see everything from the state of Singularity, past the veil of diversity, not knowing what something is or fearing it or not understanding it all disappear.

As if you could be anything other than pure innocence.
As if you could be anyone other than pure love.
As if you could be anything other than a gift to the whole Universe.

When you teach your mind to see past the lens of insecure imagination and memory, the buzzing aliveness contained in and as all things makes itself apparent. You're never looking at what memory and insecurity tell you you're looking at.

Nothing was and nothing will be - such a lens is all mental fabrication, everything IS just Here and just Now...and it's all Here in absolute perfection and indefinable divine beauty.

See it, him, her, that free from the lens of past stories and insecure expectations. Be the one with eyes that see. Be the one with Light in your eyes.

It Felt Love

Did the rose
Ever open its heart

And give to this world
All its

It felt the encouragement of light
Against its

We all remain



That bright blazing Light in the is the haven everyone searches for. That Light is pure Love. And that Light is in you, lives as you.

in Love,

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