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I have so much!

I have more than I've ever dreamed to ask for. I have more than I ever thought to imagine. I can't breathe without feeling the bliss of this existence. I can't take a step without an inexpressible energy swirling through me. Every moment adores to remind me just how everything in this very instant is born out of the highest and truest of all loves.

They were right. All of them. When you ask, it is always given. And you always reap what you sew.

Plant the seeds of joy in this moment.
Plant the seed of satisfaction in this moment.
Plant the seed of appreciating what this moment and everything it holds is.

You will reap more than your heart can contain.

I Am floored.

in Love,

What's it like?

I've never tried to commit the feeling of that space into words, but this morning someone asked and so I said:

"It's difficult to describe, mostly 'cause it feels like my brains labeling department and my personal story is put completely on pause. Things just get clearer both visibly and feeling wise, and really I feel like I (my normal way of focusing) get moved from front row-center, to the nose-bleed sections of my mind. It just feels like something else is looking through my difficult to describe...and yet so full of total release."

[continued "I just's not that I move to the back of my mind, it's that my habit of associating to thinking is so loose or thin in those moments, that I'm seeing/experiencing without the veil of it feels like I'm not there...but what's really not there is the constant after thoughts I habitually identify with..."]

It's still not right enough but this des…

Your eyes reveal what your words hide...

It's so strange for me to see sadness in your eyes. It's so strange to hear it in your words, this undercurrent of melancholy that slithers through the words of knowledge and optimism you string together. I don't understand it but I see it and I hear it muddled and confused amongst the clarity you've been uncovering within yourself.

It's even stranger because I know what you're capable of, the lightness that can stamp itself so loudly on your face that it steals breaths and stops minds for miles all around you. I stare hard, concentrating and focusing, trying to telepathically ask: what's stealing your joy away?

I don't know that anyone can ever really try to be happy. Happiness isn't something you have to try to put on. It's something you find when you throw everything else away. And when you find it, there's not a darkness in this world that your bright eyes alone could not illuminate. There, hiding underneath all the misconceptions and self…

Are you Here Now?

Past and future do not exist. Your mind tries to justify or explain or understand or figure out events that are no longer happening and in its doing offers and strings you a story to believe in. And in losing yourself in the mental recollection of selected moments that aren't actually happening right now, you appear to disconnect yourself from the ease, fullness, and power of your Now.

Ever notice how the conditioned mind never takes you to moments where you got it all right? Ever notice how the mind doesn't conjure up how beautifully you tied your shoe-lace, or all those moments you stared up into space with awe? Ever notice how the story your mind fumbles over often leaves a bad after-taste in your psyche?

Here & Now is all there is, and the blank canvas of this Here & Now is the only time and place you choose what stories you tune into, believe in, and express.

I Want Both Of Us

I want both of us
To start talking about this great love

As if you, I, and the Sun were all m…

Bright Blazing Eyes

She's looking at me deciding whether the thing I'm picking up is worth hanging around for. Undecided. Ears back. Tail down. Curious but still unsure of this weird looking object in my hands. Can she trust it? She wavers. No, she'd better go upstairs and hide until it goes away.

This is how it looks to me when my dog reacts to someone reaching for the broom. To me it's just a broom, an inanimate meaningless stick. To her, from her point of view, it's something entirely other.

It's how most of us with a nervous system perceive - our perception is half insecure imagination and half past experience. It takes practice to see things in their naked and undefiled nature, in their non-being-ness, in their true light. If you could see everything from the state of Singularity, past the veil of diversity, not knowing what something is or fearing it or not understanding it all disappear.

As if you could be anything other than pure innocence.
As if you could be anyone other than…

I've seen 1000 AWESOME Things in ONE Place


Thanks Wendy :)

6:28pm EDIT to do my dance!

+ in THE SAME place at THE SAME time.


K'naan & bushwalla
make this Kid wanna go HOLLAH

Summer 2009.

Right Brain Orgasms

Sometimes the right side of my brain gets an energetic massage strong enough for my scalp to tingle and my eyes to roll back a little. It makes me want to curl my toes.

Depending on what school of thought you subscribe to, whether you use the kundalini template or tantra, Jill Bolte Taylor's brain science or psychology, the right side of the brain is often linked with an expansion of consciousness beyond conditioned identity, beyond the surface self. So a shift in brain hemisphere function is seen as beneficial on multiple dimensions.

And it's not that you lose left hemisphere involvement, it's more that you're working with a more integrated mind so the conditioned chatter, or "ego", is transparent if present. Maybe you can liken right brain dominance as evidence of seeing through the veil of conditioned thought or as being more in-tune or attuned to the insights and direction of your Inner Self.

I seldom write about the physical experiences that accompany the j…

Curious Case of the Gentle Man

It's funny. I've been around guys all my life. Two older brothers and their friends and the myriad of groups of boys I've befriended through the years has earned me endless hours of laughter and good times. I'm the only girl in the room sleeping in the corner when the game is on. I'm the only girl at the clubs and on the patio and at the restaurant with the group of guys. And none of them were my boyfriend.

Some of my longest running friendships are with these guys. It's easy. It's free. It's fun!

It's never phased me when the conversation turned classy or when the jokes got gross or the drinking got out of hand. It never phased me when the candid conversations became about how crazy girls are or when the naked pictures of super models popped up on cell phones and computer screens. I'm so much used to what I've seen and lived with my guys, it's so much the norm, that this chance meeting still has me tilting my head with wonder.

The look in…

This Unconditional High

I'm consistently flying High for having touched tongue with Eternity. Once you taste the power of Love, there's just no denying the intense satisfaction of Being, of Self-connection. Nothing compares to This.

A mood is never just a mood, a situation never just a situation. Nothing that appears has the power to move you away from This.

Marveling at the miracle that is my existence, looking up and out into this world knowing and seeing that there is not a single atom out of place, not meant to be where it is, it's impossible to not appreciate where and how I stand...with and in What I stand.

Life is absolutely a blissful miracle. There is so much more wonder in this moment alone to fill a lifetime of curiosity. This single instant has more miracles in it than my mind can fathom.

Life has me by the heart in a blissful grip, and in its grip I at once realized I'm not here to live my dream. That part's an unconditional given.

I'm here to drown myself in the Dreamer.

To fa…


I've been locked in my workshop working on some workbooks for interested eyes.

The first in the series is for people with weight loss goals. From my view, I know it'll be MUCH easier to materialize your goal in a permanent way if you shift your consciousness and upgrade your paradigm about what your body is and what it is capable of doing. It's ALL about change that comes from the inside and works its way out!

The next one in the series will be on abundance!

More info here: