Friday, April 17

Two Documentaries

What if we are not victims of our genes?
What if the laws of physics don't apply when you're truly living in the moment?
What if aging is only a program we learned that can be changed?
What if the greatest power in the Universe is within you?
What if it's possible to sustain ourselves on energy sources other than food?

AND this one:

Leap! is a film that compels you to consider this ageless theory that “The world is an illusion“.

You may find it confronting to consider your reality is simply a grand illusion.

This idea may challenge your current beliefs and ideals. To think of yourself, your family, friends and everything you know and love is part of an elaborate illusion sounds insane…..

but then again Einstein did say “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Leap! explores ancient and modern philosophies and philosophers who support the illusion theory.

To Leap! beyond the illusion is to let go and live from inspiration….

To Leap! beyond the constraints of your current perceived reality and what you think you know….

To consider The Truth of who you really are:

You are an infinite being…. a participant in the illusion

We are all infinite beings… most of us have simply forgotten

Infinite power and abundance is your natural state

The purpose of Leap! is to invite each of us to live beyond the illusion by knowing what is really going on here.

This philosophy is not about denying our physical experience. Ultimately it is about Leaping beyond limitations and restrictions which this illusion appears to impose.

What would your life look like if you chose to live from a context of:
- You are an infinite being
- Your world is an illusion being constructed for your enjoyment
- There is nothing “to do” except what you are inspired to do

- You can’t make a mistake

Perhaps the following would be possible from a foundation of you are an infinite being:
- True Happiness, Peace, Fun, Love and Joy would be present

- You could live life with no limits or restrictions

- In every moment anything is possible

- Everything is perfect right here, right now

- Everything that happens to you is simply an opportunity for you to embrace these truths.

This philosophy is not about visualization, manifestation, or creating with intention.
This philosophy is a complete paradigm shift in how you can live your life from a deep knowing of who you really are.

Even though we believe it’s all an illusion…. this life is still a great adventure…..

Come, Play and Leap! beyond the illusion with us!

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