Tuesday, April 14

making new friends along the way

Eternity is inescapable. And the magic never ends.

The synchrony count this round goes MANY: the Cara van, the call to Lighfoot & Monk, flight 888, my cousin's full name, Drum & Monkey pub at the corner, the restaurant name, my cab driver, St. Diego hoody, the national flower of Wales being the daffodil, finding the perfect shirt for Toca, the cute Dutch bunny named Billy, the butterfly sticker hanging out in the bathroom, and so many more instances that kept the skip in my step and the love in my heart.

Oh how many tries to look into these eyes?

Love lights my every step and grabs to hold my hand when I least expect it. Thank you!

It makes me feel all kinds of warm and dissolves all notion of boundaries. How good it feels when lights combine!

I can look into the eyes of a new friend miles and miles away while I'm sitting alone in an airport. I can feel and see her looking up to know that I'm thinking of her. So vividly.

Time and space are truly only matters for sleeping beauty. We can reach each other in so many profound and immediate ways.

"where ever is home, the heart is, and my heart's inside" EVERYONE!

I honor and adore the Brightness in you.

in SO MUCH Love,

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