Thursday, April 16

A Letter to a Love Shine

* edited for generality and pizazz :)

You are on the threshold of something amazing.

With love I encourage you to make your decision not based on the conditions outside of you, but because you trust in the Love to provide the means and the way. It has, it is, and it absolutely will. Always and all ways. Expect it to work out. Expect to be provided for. Expect love everywhere you go. Expect fulfillment at every turn. It's undeniably yours.

Everything you need is already provided. Ask and know that it is immediately Given. Life is beautiful in that way. You are supported in ways our mind can't understand. You have an endless reservoir of positive energy flowing to you, that will meet you with every step, and line your path in a way that will keep letting you feel how blessed you are for your simple existence. This energy that endlessly gives of itself will come to you in the way you need it. It's a sure thing. Steadfastly hold to this knowing.

You are adored and supported by Life simply because you exist. The only thing that hinders the flow and materialization of life's ceaseless generosity is our own habit of thought.

So move with sureness. Move with confidence. Move with trust. Trust that the life that has inspired you to this step will more than provide the way. Trust that your heart is leading you into brighter dreams than your mind can imagine. No one knows your reason for being but you, and no one can understand it quite like you do. Trust your heart and answer to that alone. And as you do, the universe will conspire in ways that amaze you.

Hesitation is no friend to our dreams. Trust in the abundance of our Universe and all the elements that are constantly cooperating with you and your intention. They are cooperating. There are more elements and beings cooperating with your desire than you can consciously process or can be aware of. Beings you've never met are lending a hand. Circumstances and situations are being orchestrated and coordinated just for you and your decision. You are that loved. You are that adored by the Love that is this life.

TRUST that everything is already taken care of for you because you are in one movement with All That Is. You are. Absolutely One and in Union with the whole of existence so everything is constantly cooperating with you - whether you are sending out the positive energy of trust and certainty or the other spectrum.

You are being unconditionally supported. And there is nothing in your way.

So let yourself only dwell on thoughts of trust, thoughts of this working out, thoughts of this being better than you imagine it to be in so many ways. Bring yourself to remember all the moments that it has worked out better than you imagined it. Bring yourself to remember all the moments you experienced the synchrony and blessings. Make lists. Let your mind dwell on the positive. Write. Sing. Dance. Play.

In other words, keep yourself open. It is coming, it will come, it has come. It is Here. Now.

Everything is ready! Your life and your moments are managed by an infinite intelligence.

You are beauty-full and provided for in every way.

in Love,

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