Thursday, April 2

it's ALL just right

after an interesting unfolding yesterday, i am rested and woke up this morning to find these words stream across my mind.

everything is exactly right. everything is exactly as it needs to be. no matter how it appears, everything is a perfect part of this flawless design.

he and everything about him is a part of this perfect design. they, and everything about them, are a perfect part of this flawless unfolding. everything is a cooperative component of and in this moment, regardless of how it appears to my mind. regardless of the uncooperative story my mind settles upon.

everything is exactly right. right where i am.

often, when something arises, the tendency is "why is this happening" or "why is this like this" or "i don't understand how this happened" - there's an immediate rejection of what's appearing and a resistance of it. "this isn't how it's supposed to be" or "this isn't how they're supposed to be".

but it's exactly right. all of it.

life is right, in every way. this divine unfolding knows no error.

what a perfect mental position to start my trip with.

i'm thankful for the most amazing teachers and beings in my world. and the ongoing magic of this flawless experience.

i love these reminders ~

in Peace,

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