Wednesday, April 22

It Is Always So

Sometimes I wonder if Love is just an altogether impossible thing to think about.

That there is a Love so utterly and completely devoted to my existence, so completely and endlessly giving of itself, is an awareness too fine to chisel into words. I'm surrounded and completely immersed in This. I'm never for a moment apart from it or separated from it. Never does it cease flowing through me and coming to me. Never does it cease anchoring me while at the same time setting me free in every way. Never does it lift its gaze off from me. Never does its light dim. Never do I cease to be a woven part of all that It is.

No matter where I go, no matter my movement or state of mind, I'm always inside of it as much as I'm made from it - all ways.

Irrevocably inseparable. Irreversibly tied. Knotted. Entangled.

We dream of such a love, a love we can never be apart from, a love that is so completely devoted to us that we never part even for a single breath, a love that never lifts its eye off of us. We dream of an adoring love that exalts us to the heights of infinity. We dream of soaring. We dream of feeling. We dream of drowning, consuming every atom of our being in the bliss of falling in love.

All the while not remembering we can only wish it were so because we've known it be some instant before we forgot our name, we knew the immense Love of our Beginning. Every part of us knows This. Every part of us recognizes it no matter what name we give it.

My heart is burning a hole through my skin.

I am in awe of this Love.

Love is real and so steady in its existence.

Love where you are, it is the ground of True Love no matter how it appears.

in Love,

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