Monday, April 20

Edward's hot.

yeah that's right. i said it.

i've been keeping my reading load heavy and contemplative for the past...i don't know how many years. if you look at my bookshelf or the folder labeled "reading" on my laptop, all you'll find are books that will claw out your existing paradigm.

then it happened.

the twilight craze. i resisted. i said "no way". when my right kind of phriends were going on about it, i joined the "meh, i'm not really feeling it" train. months later, on a six hour flight across the pond, with the little personal tv inches away from my face and the movie showing, i caved. two hours later, i really REALLY REALLY wanted to know what was going to happen with bella and edward. was she really going to turn into a vampire?

i got to my destination only to be asked if i'd read any of the twilight books. by my twelve year old cousin. the conversation went on. later on my friend nic chimed in with "the books are better".

and i found it was true. the books ARE better. and i'm not just saying that 'cause nic can karate chop me.

dear Stephanie Meyer, thank you for sucking me into your Universe of magic for two days and 1600 pages. my eyes can't focus, but my heart does feel like it's gotten just the right kind of work out. you and your head are lovely.


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