Saturday, April 4

Adventures In North London


"When you intend to have or experience something, you must know that you have it already."

My days here are guaranteed to be amazing. I walked around North London yesterday and gave myself the workout to wipe me out for a 13 hour sleep fest. I woke up refreshed and grateful for the life I have. One day I want to play in London, and just like that I'm here, in my own corner room with a giant window, with everything cooperating and unfolding in a way that keeps me smiling. BIG. I am smiling BIG.

And the magic of a powerful follows me everywhere.

I especially love how there's a little food & fruit market around every corner. The streets here are abundant with variety and as luck would have it, there's even an organic health food store just a five minute skip from my stay. And the easiest landmark to remind me to turn onto my street is the Drum & Monkey Pub at the corner of my block. That's right. The Universe even orchestrated a Monkey Pub to keep me smiling along this magically lined road. 

My life is magic. Endless beautiful magic. No matter which corner of the room I'm standing in. It is never-ending.

And now for a message from a Brooklyn Love Shine:

I have love in every part of me.

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