Friday, April 3

A Canadian Girl in Britain


Fade In: Say what, say what's the scenario? Billy Gaelwood is on my stereo.

Getting through security on the Canadian side is a breeze. I even had a laugh with the security check guy. He was tall. Kept my shoes on. No waiting. And with my empty water bottle now filled with water from the fountain, I'm ready for my adventure across the pond.

I should be a fish for all the water I'm drinking.

Eyes meet. Passing smiles. All of these just reminds me that I'm home in my own skin. FEELS. JUST. RIGHT. I can be anywhere. I can be everywhere. That and there are so many pretty people in this world! Seriously.

This trip, like most of my trips, is last minute. Yet everything about it played out in a way that leaves me knowing I have powerful angels working on my behalf. Even though there were changes up until the last minute, the Universe responded only with warmth and support from all ends of the phone lines and computer screens.

I am loved. In a way that leaves me breathless.

I looked out the window for a moment and saw a white van labeled: Cara. This is the first magical wink of the many more to come. Then followed a call to passengers "lightfoot" and "monk".


Did I mention already that I'm on flight 888? Right.

I have to say Air Canada is providing me with my favorite flying experience EVER. Having the seat to myself, the personal TV, the choice of movie selections, and the fact that I can digitally watch my plane's progress over the atlantic makes me giddy to no end. Not to mention who is sitting right behind me.

I feel like I'm being given a giant Universal hug over and over again. This is...the best trip. EVER.

And for its next magical act, the Universe decided that my neices name is...a name bold enough to remind me what all this is.

Cut to: I'm closer to my dreams, I'm getting higher and higher...

And now for a message from an Illinois Love Shine: "How I adore YOU YOU YOU! Safe travels...come back to us with a lightness in your step and adventure in your heart."

Oh, how I love Love. How I'm thankful for the beauty it showers me with. I mean you. Yes, YOU.

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