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A ThanksGiving Kinda Day

It's not every day that I see a turkey-like bird cross the road in my neighborhood. So today, I'm making an even more conscious effort to be thankful for every single thing in my view and in my life. I Am Thankful.

I Am That

* * * * * Hunger for the Truth within And thirst for nothing else. Search with your awareness, for That which I Am. Inside the inside At the root of all you know, Centered in your Consciousness Know That I Am.

It's Already Better

What is the world you see and how is it where you stand? How does the world appear when you are not touching thought and the images of memory? And in this space of Present Ease, what are you radiating forth into the web of Creation? It is not your conditioned mind, your sense of right and wrong, that can make what you see whole. A divided mind can not birth the wholeness you search to see. Stand in your Wholeness. See beyond your conditioned thought. See through the story thought offers you. Only then can your vision of betterment materialize right before your eyes. Restore your sight and you have restored the world beyond your illusions.

It Is Always So

Sometimes I wonder if Love is just an altogether impossible thing to think about. That there is a Love so utterly and completely devoted to my existence, so completely and endlessly giving of itself, is an awareness too fine to chisel into words. I'm surrounded and completely immersed in This. I'm never for a moment apart from it or separated from it. Never does it cease flowing through me and coming to me. Never does it cease anchoring me while at the same time setting me free in every way. Never does it lift its gaze off from me. Never does its light dim. Never do I cease to be a woven part of all that It is. No matter where I go, no matter my movement or state of mind, I'm always inside of it as much as I'm made from it - all ways. Irrevocably inseparable. Irreversibly tied. Knotted. Entangled. We dream of such a love, a love we can never be apart from, a love that is so completely devoted to us that we never part even for a single breath, a love that never lifts

Edward's hot.

yeah that's right. i said it. i've been keeping my reading load heavy and contemplative for the past...i don't know how many years. if you look at my bookshelf or the folder labeled "reading" on my laptop, all you'll find are books that will claw out your existing paradigm. then it happened. the twilight craze. i resisted. i said "no way". when my right kind of phriends were going on about it, i joined the "meh, i'm not really feeling it" train. months later, on a six hour flight across the pond, with the little personal tv inches away from my face and the movie showing, i caved. two hours later, i really REALLY REALLY wanted to know what was going to happen with bella and edward. was she really going to turn into a vampire? i got to my destination only to be asked if i'd read any of the twilight books. by my twelve year old cousin. the conversation went on. later on my friend nic chimed in with "the books are better".

Two Documentaries Premise: What if we are not victims of our genes? What if the laws of physics don't apply when you're truly living in the moment? What if aging is only a program we learned that can be changed? What if the greatest power in the Universe is within you? What if it's possible to sustain ourselves on energy sources other than food? AND this one: Leap! is a film that compels you to consider this ageless theory that “The world is an illusion“. You may find it confronting to consider your reality is simply a grand illusion. This idea may challenge your current beliefs and ideals. To think of yourself, your family, friends and everything you know and love is part of an elaborate illusion sounds insane….. but then again Einstein did say “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Leap! explores ancient and modern philosophies and philosophers who support the illusion theory. To Leap! beyond the illus

A Letter to a Love Shine

* edited for generality and pizazz :) You are on the threshold of something amazing. With love I encourage you to make your decision not based on the conditions outside of you, but because you trust in the Love to provide the means and the way. It has, it is, and it absolutely will. Always and all ways. Expect it to work out. Expect to be provided for. Expect love everywhere you go. Expect fulfillment at every turn. It's undeniably yours. Everything you need is already provided. Ask and know that it is immediately Given. Life is beautiful in that way. You are supported in ways our mind can't understand. You have an endless reservoir of positive energy flowing to you, that will meet you with every step, and line your path in a way that will keep letting you feel how blessed you are for your simple existence. This energy that endlessly gives of itself will come to you in the way you need it. It's a sure thing. Steadfastly hold to this knowing. You are adored and supporte

With our Powers Combined

Thank you Cousin Jess! ;)

making new friends along the way

Eternity is inescapable . And the magic never ends. The synchrony count this round goes MANY: the Cara van, the call to Lighfoot & Monk, flight 888, my cousin's full name, Drum & Monkey pub at the corner, the restaurant name, my cab driver, St. Diego hoody, the national flower of Wales being the daffodil, finding the perfect shirt for Toca, the cute Dutch bunny named Billy, the butterfly sticker hanging out in the bathroom, and so many more instances that kept the skip in my step and the love in my heart. Oh how many tries to look into these eyes? Love lights my every step and grabs to hold my hand when I least expect it. Thank you! It makes me feel all kinds of warm and dissolves all notion of boundaries. How good it feels when lights combine! I can look into the eyes of a new friend miles and miles away while I'm sitting alone in an airport. I can feel and see her looking up to know that I'm thinking of her. So vividly. Time and space are truly only matters

A Garden & A Trampoline

09.04.09 "We are all gifts and miracles to one another." It's amazing how there's never been anything or anyone in the way of this beautiful realization. My mind has been popping corks left and right. From North london to the outskirts of... A garden and a trampoline await my kisses.

Holy Family

08.04.09 The only way for you to teach what you want to teach, is for life to teach it to you first. We can only speak of and reach out when we speak of what we have lived. I am living it to the fullest. I saw a boy with a St. Diego hoody on. I was out all afternoon. Kids out when I get home. House to myself. Life spoils me! 8 cousins later, I realized just how much family I have around these parts. A LOT. And each and everyone of them that's here wants to come out and play! It's a lovely world.

My Constant Companions

07.04.09 Kids gone until Tuesday night. I love the little differences here. It challenges my brain to process differently. Two separate faucets for hot and cold. The toilet flusher on the left-hand side. The subtle language differences even though we're all speaking English. Life is such a perfect design no matter which bit of land I'm standing on. Question of the day: what is the national flower of Wales - Primrose, .., or Daffodil? And now for a message from an Ottawa Love Shine : I am in the constant company of beautiful beings. Everywhere. All the time.

I Am stealing hearts...

05.04.09 - I Am stealing hearts... "Opportunities increase as they are taken." Sun Tzu I have angels everywhere. Eternity is inescapable. And it's astounding how I've always had it all. The magic of love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. 7 is a good number. And feeling love is all that it's about. I feel love. In and through every pore. I'm thankful. That's all the words. Everything else is said with magic eyes - magic eyes that say everything there is to say while the lips play pretend. Some words of love from my beautiful Michigan Love Shine : I love you more than words can say.

Adventures In North London

04.04.09 "When you intend to have or experience something, you must know that you have it already." My days here are guaranteed to be amazing. I walked around North London yesterday and gave myself the workout to wipe me out for a 13 hour sleep fest. I woke up refreshed and grateful for the life I have. One day I want to play in London, and just like that I'm here, in my own corner room with a giant window, with everything cooperating and unfolding in a way that keeps me smiling. BIG. I am smiling BIG. And the magic of a powerful follows me everywhere. I especially love how there's a little food & fruit market around every corner. The streets here are abundant with variety and as luck would have it, there's even an organic health food store just a five minute skip from my stay. And the easiest landmark to remind me to turn onto my street is the Drum & Monkey Pub at the corner of my block. That's right. The Universe even orchestrated a Monkey

A Canadian Girl in Britain

02/03.04.09 Fade In: Say what, say what's the scenario? Billy Gaelwood is on my stereo. Getting through security on the Canadian side is a breeze. I even had a laugh with the security check guy. He was tall. Kept my shoes on. No waiting. And with my empty water bottle now filled with water from the fountain, I'm ready for my adventure across the pond. I should be a fish for all the water I'm drinking. Eyes meet. Passing smiles. All of these just reminds me that I'm home in my own skin. FEELS. JUST. RIGHT. I can be anywhere. I can be everywhere. That and there are so many pretty people in this world! Seriously. This trip, like most of my trips, is last minute. Yet everything about it played out in a way that leaves me knowing I have powerful angels working on my behalf. Even though there were changes up until the last minute, the Universe responded only with warmth and support from all ends of the phone lines and computer screens. I am loved. In a way that

it's ALL just right

after an interesting unfolding yesterday, i am rested and woke up this morning to find these words stream across my mind. everything is exactly right. everything is exactly as it needs to be. no matter how it appears, everything is a perfect part of this flawless design. he and everything about him is a part of this perfect design. they, and everything about them, are a perfect part of this flawless unfolding. everything is a cooperative component of and in this moment, regardless of how it appears to my mind. regardless of the uncooperative story my mind settles upon. everything is exactly right. right where i am. often, when something arises, the tendency is "why is this happening" or "why is this like this" or "i don't understand how this happened" - there's an immediate rejection of what's appearing and a resistance of it. "this isn't how it's supposed to be" or "this isn't how they're supposed to be"

true compassion

in response to my conver-station post: If all follows nature's course then so perhaps, my children, do we. ... There is an old saying : "Joy shared is doubled, Sorrow shared is halved". Express compassion in your judgements of humanity. Don't be so quick to label 'problems' as 'out there'. absolutely. this is exactly the kind of message i'm thankful to receive. there's always room to grow. i'm no exception. and just in time! london awaits. my luggage is excited!