Monday, March 9

"You're a MOST suitable suitor for her"

i re-write some of my favorite songs to have them sound more empowered, more true to the real you, more true to the magnificent miracle that you really are. i talk to the music. out loud. don't question my crazy. it's what makes me, me. i just want to make the song feel better. i want the words to say, to speak of how worthy you are, how deserving you are, how amazing you are, how dazzling you are, how powerful you are, how utterly delicious you are...JUST as you are.

i want every word that ever comes out of the beings in my view to reveal the wonder of their infinitely glorious being-ness. true story. your ownership of your Light is the most delicious thing to take in. that's true upliftment. that's true empowerment.

it amazes me just how "natural" we've made our tendency to self-depreciate. it's amazing to me just how well we've trained ourselves into tolerating thoughts that diminish the power of our inner light. sometimes it's just a passing phrase, something we've said thousands and thousands of times. some self-effacing thought we've conditioned ourselves to believe is just part of being human. something we say casually and nonchalantly.

but that energy, that frequency, that practiced thought which implies that you are less than, that you are not worthy of, or that you are incapable of or undeserving of, is exactly the very frequency that pinches you off from feeling the full force of the bliss-filled love that you truly are. every dis-empowering belief that lurks is saying something completely untrue, it is saying something that only serves to pinch you off from your Inner Self.

Love is the Sole Reality, and if in any moment you are feeling anything less than that for your very being and everything that extends thereafter, there is only one reason. it is the very thought you entertain and may have even convinced yourself is normal that is at the root of your seeming disconnection.

You are Love in every way. and it is total ecstasy when you let That flow through you. and your allowing that is the most important part of "being human".

in Love,

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