Sunday, March 8

the temples of magic

though this life is abundant with visible magic and invisible magicians that meet me around every corner, i need go no further than these physical bodies to be fascinated with the entirety of this brilliant design.

life and the experience of it starts with these bodies...but it's also entirely taking place WITHIN them also.

everything about the human body fascinates me. how did it come to be? this brilliant gathering of cells that register vibration the way that they do...this brilliant gathering of trillions of living cells that first began as just a single cell...this gathering of light that appears as this palpable solid did all of this bubble into being?

i have these eyes that are so well designed to allow me to see dimensions and depths of colors in such an elegantly constructed way that i forget that what's before me is all vibratory information. that all i'm seeing is a light show of varying degrees. i remember standing at the top of a mountain not long ago, taking in the gorgeous view of the trees that descended below me. i remember looking up at the sky and feeling like i had accomplished something. something big. and in that moment, i wasn't appreciating that i had eyes to see, to take it in. it didn't even occur to me to ponder what it was i was really looking out at.

but right now when i look back at that memory and so many others, that is all i can think of. i HAVE these amazing things called "eyes" on this funny gathering of light called my "head", and it is because i have them, and because they are the brilliance that they are, and because there is this funny gooey thing called a brain inside my head, that i get to take in so much of this delicious life.

all vibration. all frequency. all light. all MAGIC i say!

ears that register a wide range of sounds. tongues that differentiate flavors, a mouth that salivates for all things sweet and sour. teeth that chomp and nibble at all things delicious...including ears.

there is so much that these bodies do, so much that they carry on in such an effortless way that it's easy to forget that the magic of life begins before you even see an outside world. electrical firings. cells communicating. frequency receivers and broadcasters.

what brilliant organic devices are these things?!?

that everything is being constructed the way that it is...that everything is being projected in my own consciousness...the way the brain is assimilating all information...the way fluids are colliding and the way cells are morphing and registering frequencies...the magic starts at home deep within these brilliant temples of light!

life amazes me in ways i can't describe. but the amazement can only arise because there is a body to allow me to process things in such light...

it's all so pretty-full and rad!

"Statistically, the probability of any one of us being here is so small that you'd think the mere fact of existing would keep us all in a contented dazzlement of surprise." Lewis Thomas, Physician and Essayist (1913-1993)

quick, gimme a high-five for being as dazzling as you are!

in Love,

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