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My Favorite Types of Converstation

Wendy: oh for sure!


i still find the connecting on a certain energy level... fascinating

me: it's the beauty of being vibrational beings

when you think that we are just physical solid matter, the idea of simultaneous thinking doesn't make having the same thought at the same time

Wendy: as in the concept of simultaneous thinking makes sense on an energy level, not physically

me: but when you think of everything as fluid all-present consciousness, expressing itself through these energetic systems we call "bodies" then the idea that the same thought is expressed at the same time makes sense

yeah exactly

Wendy: well.. physically, we're all more or less the same (same working organs etc.) but we're vastly different in our thoughts

me: if you saw us as solid pieces of hardware, it makes no sense

we're very similar in what we think, only the sequence of thoughts is varried

like how we think our thoughts is different, but we all think the same kinds of thoughts in different arrangements

Wendy: true. the sequence of thoughts is enough to give us our each unique experience

me: exactly

Wendy: true...

me: that's what makes as relate to one another easily

we all have access to the same thoughts, we just access them in different order

Wendy: true

even on different energy levels.. you would say we have access to the same thoughts?

me: when you raise your frequency up to a certain level, you access ALL thoughts of that frequency range that have ever been thought

if you still your mind enough, you can access the thoughts Buddha thought

nothing is off limit to you

no thought is hidden from you

what you access is all a matter of what you tune yourself to

Wendy: so essentially it's which frequency we choose to tune to....

me: yes

Wendy: i can access both the most negative to the most positive thought

me: exactly

Wendy: depending on which i bring my attention to, in a way

me: exactly

just like a radio

or a tv

Wendy: hmm...

me: all radios and tv's can broadcast the same program

Wendy: right.

me: just a matter of what channel you turn them to

Wendy: that brings the whole concept of potentiality too.

me: just a matter of where you set the frequency dial to


everything, every possibility is right now streaming for you

which possibility you access is entirely contained in what you're tuned into

Wendy: right.

me: right now, right where you are

past and future are different frequency streams

meaning, they are thoughts you think

Wendy: (haha.. i'm getting an aha moment)

me: i love those!

that's why your present moment is so powerful

it is the point at which you can access EVERYTHING

Wendy: and present is different from each of those as well?

me: the sense of presence is

meaning the space of right now

this is where you access everything from

Wendy: true.. we live in the present moment.

me: but like everything else, what you access right now can change easily

Wendy: and we interact with the world in the present

me: if you tune yourself to joy right now, the sequences of scenes your experience will be of a different feeling


right now is where you really live and interact and read energy

Wendy: definitely. i've experienced that myself too.

me: just right here and right now. that's all that's ever on your plate


every possibility is here

and you can check it

Wendy: check it?

me: 'cause if in one moment you're in anger and then work your way up to joy, you'll see how everything around you changes exactly according to your own state


make note of how you experience the world and what you evoke in people when you're in a mood

the universe is always mirroring to you your own frequency

Sent at 9:38 AM on Monday

Wendy: i've definitely had days when i started being more difficult, but then made efforts to change my own internal state... and the rest of the day changed

me: so the outcome you experience when you're in joy is simultaneously existing with other outcomes you can possibility experience. just like 101.2 FM is a simultaneous broadcast to 93.9FM


Wendy: timing is playing with me today, so i see interesting things going on the rest of the day... we'l have to see

me: and ti's always like that

you set the tone of your day

but it's not fixed

Wendy: definitely not.

me: you can change your dial at any point deliberately and as a result change what comes to you

Wendy: it's very much fluid.

me: absolutely!

Wendy: for me, i think it's most difficult to do that when i'm in the company of people that trigger certain sets of emotions.

me: that's why you pre-pave

Wendy: often because of a long history.. ex: friends from high school or family

me: meaning clean that up when you're not around them

Wendy: true. and then it'll become easier to continue that way with them around

me: meaning start practicing better feeling thoughts about them in their absence

yes, you will have tuned yourself to tune into a different aspect of t hem

we're all multi-faceted beings

meaning someone in a bad mood is going to receive you differently than someone in a good mood.

what you're feeling has nothing to do with them

it has everything to do with what thoughts you've practiced about them

so anytime you see them, you see them through the thoughts you've practiced

so naturally that's what you experience - the negative emotion

Sent at 9:43 AM on Monday

Wendy: and if all beings are able to access all thoughts, essentially, then their response to the frequency that i have at that moment with them will change as well

it's the type of interaction you bring to them, in a way...

me: absolutely

and the way the universe works

is that you'll never interact with someone who can't match how good you feel about them

meaning if you're having these positive thoughts about someone, and that someone is in a really really negative place, the two of you won't come together

like attracts like

so you'll only see them when they're in your frequency vicinity

ever have people drop out of your life? it's that. you started stabilizing in different frequencies

Wendy: that's really interesting.

me: it's a perfect design

no need to end relationships or try to mend them

when you keep yourself in check

the things that are a match to you show up

and those that are not fall away

just naturally

i'm experiencing that more and more

and i don't question it

Wendy: and it's that natural aspect of continuing on with your life... there's no emotional attachment (guilt, etc.)

me: 'cause now i know it's all about the energy or frequency i'm constantly tuning into that determines who i'm going to meet


all those practiced patterns

the clinging etc.

all of that is human misunderstanding

Wendy: it's unnecessary


me: it isn't

Wendy: we enjoy making it convoluted

me: everything has a natural rhythm and freedom to it


it's true!

i was watching a documentary

Wendy: haha.. it does...

ya.. haha. i love documentaries

me: about how this type of chimp where the mother just drops off the baby chimp and takes off after a certain time

there's no attachment

there is no clinging

Wendy: it's just natural

me: there is just a total knowing and trust in the process


and we're a part of that natural knowing

we've only "convoluted" the process with our insecure concepts

"oh how can you leave me" is so utter nonsense

Wendy: right..

in essence, they've already left..

even if not physically

me: because we are all born so completely whole with all the right equiptments

it's just that, he or she was never yours to begin with

Wendy: right

me: beings come together in freedom

as independent and whole beings

there's no clinging or possesiveness in any of it

Wendy: and that's what a true relationship is

me: you don't see that kind of pattern ANYWHERE else in this universe

Wendy: right... it's unnatural. it defies how we're built and how we function

me: that's what ALL spiritual teachings try and point you toward, your freedom to just be and evolve with your natural impulses. you come into this world and you leave this world as a whole individual


it's suffocating to be held as a possession

but that's what we practice

"until death do us part"


what if you grow apart?

Wendy: right..

i know!

me: what if you evolve differently?

Wendy: haha.. i've always had issues with that line too

me: hahahaha

Wendy: why shouldn't your relationship give you the freedom to evolve...


me: at best you can say "i'd love it if we evolve together"


Wendy: haha.. exactly

but if you don't, then that's ok

me: we have this "if i'm stuck in a rut you have to be stuck in a rut with me" mentality

Wendy: it's so true!

but it's so wrong

me: 'cause love means we suffer together!

it's insane

Wendy: why would you give someone else a negative experience that's separate from your own?

me: it's an incredibly flawed premise

Wendy: i've always thought that way too!

me: it doesn't encourage growth

everything around you is growth-oriented

Wendy: right.

me: but the relationships we practice are "let's be like this forever"


let's grow! let's change! let's expand!

Wendy: haha! YES

we're constantly adapting.. no single day is the same as the next

me: exactly

Wendy: and we wouldn't want it to be that way

me: no single moment is the same as the next

Wendy: exactly


there's so much to say about it

it taps into the convoluted-ness that we build up.. the possession, suffering, etc.

me: totally!

and i think anyone who sort of stops and asks "does this relationship make me feel free" will find the answer

"oh but relationships are about compromise"


Wendy: it's like a so-called happiness defined by society.. but that doesn't fit with the individual.

me: do you see the air compromising or the ocean or the animals?

Wendy: ooh.. compromise.

me: everything here is true to its nature

to its individual nature

AND THAT'S what creates the harmony

Wendy: exactly

me: harmony comes as a result of the individual being WHOLE and true to its purpose

to its being

Wendy: definitely.

me: i can't imagine if the trees compromised themselves or the ocean compromised its true nature to accommodate something else

Wendy: it would be a wacky world.


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