Monday, March 30

Magic Happens

I woke up this morning with a sudden urge to fly out to London. That was followed by an urge to go see some friends at my old job.

I made a few stops along the way smiling at the words on the magazine cover, and the words in the flyer posted on street lights, knowing full well that I'm always in the company of pure magic.

Things have been going amazingly well, the right words finding me, the right person with the right name coming into view...everything just carries on in an unpredictable way all the while maintaining its magic and warmth.

And lately everything's just been falling into place in the most elegant of ways. Solutions appearing before there's even a problem. Answers coming before I've even formulated the question. A beautiful groove is making itself a part of my moments.

I got to my destination and we did what we usually do when we get together. We laugh. We talk. We share. We play the movies in our heads for one another. Poo flinging Monkey's, stoner movies, hawaii, and dancing animated creatures all made the conversation list.

Then it happened. The loveliest thing I ever get to witness and be a part of in this life. Magic. One of my love shines found out she was the recipient of an unexpected scholarship. Just like that, the tone of the day got even higher than it already was. Her joy and disbelief turned themselves into tears while her words followed up with "it just feels like it's too good to be true".

It's too good NOT to be true!

Everything to me is an affirmation of just how good life is. And when life drives me to walk into scenes like that, scenes that are heart warming to begin with, but end up becoming MORE than anticipated, my heart just reaches new places in appreciation and total love of this beautiful life.

I'm so thankful for these moments.
I'm so thankful that I got to be a part of someone's excitement.
I'm so thankful life gives me so many opportunities to truly feel the magic of everything here.

I'm equally thankful that the volume button on my laptop just decided to work.

Magic happens. ALL the time!

deeply in Love,
- me

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