Tuesday, March 31

It's Easy to Love

it will never feel good to judge or criticize another. it will never feel good to look at another and label or categorize them in a negative way.

it will never feel good to see another as separate and apart from you! and that's exactly what you do when you look at them and put them in all sorts of conceptual boxes.

it's unnatural to our being to do anything other than love.

if you ever pay attention to how you feel in the moment you are thinking thoughts contrary to love and appreciation for another being, you will FEEL the discord within yourself. you will FEEL the separation you're creating. you will FEEL the boundaries you are creating within our inherent unity through the thoughts you are thinking.

it's utterly intolerable to not love someone if you're sensitive to your inner environment.

love is the most natural thing there is. it flows ever so freely and abundantly within us and it's only goal is to pour itself out into everything around us.

love is the easiest thing there is to feel.

because it's what we are.

and anytime we think thoughts contrary to it...we limit and constrict the flow of this intoxicating energy.

Choose Love.

Be Love.


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