Tuesday, March 10

I'm making it all up

The more you think about any subject, the more you focus upon it, the more you become convinced of its realness. “This is the way it is!” you exclaim.

Anytime you focus on a thought, you draw more thoughts of that same frequency to yourself. So the story gets bigger. The content gets more elaborate. It gets more complex. It starts to seem like you're finding some deep hidden truth. It starts to seem like you're uncovering some hidden secret. But what you're actually doing is creating a truth.

Anything you focus upon, any thought you repeatedly think, becomes encoded in your being. It becomes part of your way of seeing this pool of neutral vibrational information. There are no facts. There are no truths. There are only thoughts you have repeatedly thought. There are only thoughts you've programmed yourself with. There are only thoughts you've tuned into to the point of creating a network of thoughts of like frequencies that you now look through.

How do I know this to be true? I don't. I don't know anything. Take away thought, and I'm left standing naked. Empty. Unknown. This is only the model of reality that I'm creating. These are the thought-frequencies that I'm gathering around myself. Are they real? Are they pointing to a universal truth? Nope. There are no universal truths. Only thoughts each being thinks into a truth. How do I know? I don't.

But I'm having fun telling the story of reality this way!

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