Sunday, March 22

God I love you ALL

i have the most amazing beings in my view. incredible beings who are pushing out the boundaries of “physicality” paving the glorious and bright road of things to come. beings challenging the idea of fixed-ness and deliberately embodying new ways of defining this reality and everything that appears within it. beings manifesting the unthinkable! beings doing their voodoo two-point touching magic to your delightful wonderment. beings demonstrating for all eyes that THIS life is NOT as has been taught to be. beings quantum leaping into dimensions of limitlessness eagerly and readily. beings shedding the shackles of limited thought and embracing the expansive beauty of the Infinite within.

marvel at your-Self. you are AH-MAZING! and i am thankful beyond words for what you're unveiling.

we are the rebels jumping off the leading edge!

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