Tuesday, March 17

All in a dream, all in a dream

extra, extra! Aurora is taking over the planets!

i was watching an eight hour presentation that was talking about the planetary shifts (or likely galactic shifts) of current times which are causing Aurora Borealis to be seen by places near the equator.

up until this decade, the light show was concentrated in the north and south poles only. and what's fascinating is, is this display of gaseous artistry occurs on other planets too. rad!

and while i love the idea of Sun spots actually being black holes, hollow planets, tetrahedron power crystals, jupiter igniting into a second sun, and space travel through black-hole-portals, i laughed more at the symbolism.

our world. our universe. our galaxy. our Mind. our making. nothing is as final as it's said to be. so the more you chill out and take it easy, the more you're a part of the smooth transition of the times.

everything is energy. everything is flow. everything is connected at its singularity point. you can relax and be a part of it, or you can do the freak-out dance and disturb your own equilibrium. in any case, it's not personal. what you think and how you take in all vibrational data affects you first and foremost. reality is as you choose to experience/interpret it regardless of the collective movie being scripted.

and funnily enough, as you open yourself up and trust the intelligence of this design, you'll no doubt be flying shotgun in the magic of the times.

right into space. right through this space.

these are amazing times. we're making fantastic fireworks!

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