Sunday, March 1

Brighter than Aurora

i'm swinging with a star
while listening to the moon
as she sings to me
that all to familiar tune
i'm dialed in
i'm turned on
and i'm letting it all come on through
as i watch it crash right into you

i'm getting everywhere with you

there are moments i wonder how it is that love can speak to me and reach me all the ways that it does. sky and stars. words and images. gestures and all the right phrases. endless magic orchestrated and coordinated. all in the details. all telling a story to my eyes.

this thing is such an elegant dance choreographed across unbounded distances. using every body to deliver the sweet comfort-filled message in just the right time and in just the perfect way. it touches me. deeply. it warms me. from the inside.

and the rest of it is so much more than "telepathy". it's so much more than anything i've ever known or witnessed. it's just so much more.


i so love the way it ALL crashes into me...

this design thrills me to no end. i'm thankful to know what i know. i'm thankful to have the ears to hear and the eyes to see. i'm thankful that i'm getting to experience the magic in the way that i am. how it fills my being is beyond words. how it colors my moments is beyond description. the way the littlest things arrange themselves to keep me smiling, the way the right words are spoken from someone else's lips, the way and the precise timing of the many things that show up, often leaves me sighing deeper...and the icing of it all is knowing with certainty it is THIS magical to your eyes also.

this dream is for swooners.

my heart adores That which delights in our joy. my heart adores That which revels in our happiness.

the light of love shines. for you stand in the eternal brightness all ways. you are whole and divine just as you are...where ever you are. and you are adored by That which pours through all.

inside the Love,

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