Thursday, January 22

the sweetness within...

Oh sweet Life,

i adore you more than words can say. have i said that already? have i worn out the words? are they beaten and faded now?

dare i tell you, that i don't care? i can't stop saying it. and i won't.

life's generosity begins with the love that brews and stirs itself within our own skin. it is a given. endlessly flowing within and ever ready to be recognized. Self recognition...Self nothing more than knowing that you yourself are love. but oh how these words fail to encapsulate the vastness...the immensity of That which you truly are...

everything that is coming to me of late feels like a love song from the unseen. i see it. everywhere. love is everywhere. every where. around and through and over and under. every which way you turn and twirl. it's there. IT'S THERE. waving at me. smiling at me. surrounding me. writing to me. pulling at me. setting me free. all of it. my dance is the dance of love in movement.

love is the big picture and love is the details in the picture.

i close my eyes in moments and say "i never want to be away from this" as i feel things that there are no words for. things get brighter in their lightness and a stillness comes to romance me into my Self. ah...

love is my world. i know nothing of another.

speak to me of love and i will be sure to send my reply.
sing to me of life's endless beauty and i will be sure to listen.
write to me of your love for your moment and i will send my words of same.

Love. this is all i know. this is my world. this is all i hear of. this is all my eyes will focus for. this is all i can speak of. this is my language.

love is not the language of only is the language of life itself.

in Love every which way you can imagine,

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